School Days 7 – Elementary Mr. Watson.

Today I’m going to present you with mystery. This photo was taken on, or about, the 16th of April 1958. The other photos are all of a school open house, an opportunity for students to show off their handiwork to proud parents. It was also an opportunity for the staff of the school to prove to citizens that their tax dollars were being spent wisely and effectively.

This photo wasn’t published in the Free Press or the County Herald (sister papers) and therefore we don’t have a caption to print today. I know that the gentleman kneeling is Port McNicoll Public School Principal, Lyall Thorpe. However, the identity of the young man is unknown – at least to me. I’m sure we will know his identity very soon though.

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School Days 6

This photo appeared on page 1 of the County Herald, May 4th, 1956. This series of photo’s show happy children proudly showing their parents the fruits of their labours. It’s amazing to see a small town school, run by community members, teaching a wide range of hands-on and academic skills. The success of the graduates speaks to a formula and educational theory that worked exceedingly well. The size and architecture of the school building display the pride the community took in its school and the important work done there.

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2006 0020 2234.JPG

Parents turned out in large numbers for the “open house” at the public school in Port McNicoll. Molly Malone a grade 7 pupil shows her mother, Mrs. Pat (Virgie) Malone, the dress she has made.

Port 100th 081.jpg

School Days 5

Today’s picture is a mate to yesterday’s scholarship photo. Both were taken the same night at the new municipal hall. This picture was published in the same edition of the County Herald on December 13th, 1957.

Both the School Board and Branch 545 of the Royal Canadian Legion presented scholarships to these young recipients. Mr. Bruce Duncan, Chair of the school board is seen here with the winners of school board awards. The caption is below the photo.

2006 0020 4080

Last Friday night saw a number of Port McNicoll students presented with scholarships by both the village school board and by the Port McNicoll branch of the Legion. President of the School Board, R. B. Duncan made the presentation to the four girls pictured. Molly Malone, Helen Rudy, Helen Kovalak and Mary Loney.