Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – April 1st to 7th, 1958

Only one paper was printed during the first week of April 1958 due to Good Friday, so we have fewer photos and news items this week. To fill the space we have included the January 13th, 1927 edition of the Midland Argus.

The Midland Argus was a second Midland newspaper that was eventually absorbed into the Midland Free Press about 1937. Most Midlander’s have probably never heard of the Argus, though we think our audience is more attuned to the history of the town. 

Click on the link below to open the newspaper. (See the bottom of the page for help with PDF files) 

The Midland Argus_1927-01-13


 Click on photos to enlargeOne of the sad awakenings of young “hubbies” is to find that the little woman doesn’t know a pot roast from a leg of mutton. These members of Waverley 4-H Girls’ Club, seen with their leader, Mrs. Bert French, learned something about meats during a meeting at Argue’s meat market, Midland, last Wednesday. Left to right, girls are Peggy and Carole Robertshaw, Sharon Crowe, Linda Horning, Anne French and Anne Handy. Mr. Argue, at the rear, and Canada Packers co-operated in the demonstration. 

These hydro wires on Midland’s Yonge Street [complete with trees and boulevards] between First and Second lost their principal means of support early Monday when a car crashed into the pole and went on to hit a house at 220 Yonge Street. The driver was Wm. Leitch. Police believe he fell asleep at the wheel. 

Dr. P. B. Rynard made his victory speech from the election news desk of the Free Press Herald Monday night. The Progressive Conservative standard bearer was re-elected in Simcoe East with an increased majority, ahead of Liberal John R. MacIsaac and CCF’er William Winchester. [The other men were cropped out of this photo as it appeared in the newspaper. Local insurance agent Les Taylor is seen on the right and optometrist Art Tweedle beside him.]

The progress Midland youngsters have made in figure skating in recent years was evident at the ice revue in Arena Gardens Friday and Saturday nights. One of the girls who has graduated to solo work is Mary Lynn Boyd, who drew loud applause for a polished performance as the “Captain’s Daughter”. 

Winners in Midland Curling Club’s trophy matches run over the season are Vern Johnson’s rink won the Brading’s trophy. Left to right are Ed Christopherson, Bev Scott, Gord Ross and Mr. Johnson, big smiles always follow victory on the curling rink, as elsewhere. 

 Winners in Midland Curling Club’s trophy matches run over the season are, winners of the W. E. Swales competition at Midland Curling Club this winter was Jim Thomas’ rink. Left to right are Fred Hook, Mr. Thomas, “Bud” Turnbull and Walter Wood. 

Winners in Midland Curling Club’s trophy matches run over the season are Dr. Jim Small’s rink, winners of the Cumming-Nicholson event. Left to right are J. G. Hendrickson, Dr. Small, Allan James and Chris May. 

  • Free Press Herald headline April 2, 1958; PC’s Score Landslide Win, Rynard Romps Home 2-1.   Reflecting a national voting trend Monday that saw Prime Minister John Diefenbaker’s government swept back into power with the largest majority in history, voters in the Simcoe East riding gave Dr. P. B. Rynard a 6,358 vote majority over his Liberal and CCF opponents. First elected to the federal house in June 10,1957, Dr. Rynard was accorded 15,173 votes, 2,868 more than he received last year.
  • More than 1,000 came to Midland’s Arena, Gardens Friday and Saturday nights, to view 1958 Ice Follies, the fifth annual revue of the Midland Lions Figure Skating Club. A busy crew of Lions kept things rolling, and a necessarily long program went along with a minimum of delay. Right from the first number, “Breaking the Ice”, it was evident costume conveners Mrs. Ed Brewer, Mrs. Ed Walker, and Mrs. Cuth Annand had done a superlative job. The chorus was attired in stunning costumes with spangles and white hoods. [Pictures were featured in last weeks Looking Back]
  • Penetang Dairy Ltd. suffered a major loss when fire destroyed a stable owned by the firm early Saturday morning. Situated behind buildings on the west side of Main Street, the stable had been used to house horses when milk was delivered by horse-drawn rigs. Stored in the building, at the time of the fire were two delivery trucks as well as a large quantity of new milk bottles and some cases. Both trucks and bottles are used in the extra summer business “which dairies experience in this area. All were badly damaged.
  • It’s four down and three to go for, Midland-Penetanguishene District High School Board as it seeks to complete its teaching staff for next year. Four new teachers have already been hired, two of whom, John Hansler and John Barwick, are completing their first year in the profession. Two others, Miss. Mary Jo Hargadon and Miss Elizabeth McTague, are fresh from Ontario College of Education.
  • Penetang’s police Chief Jack Arbour found himself saddled with a babysitting job Monday morning after he had picked up a young lad in the business section of town. Chief Arbour discovered the youngster, about two years old, wandering around in the middle of the main intersection before 8 a.m. It wasn’t until 11 a.m. when he was able to ascertain where the lad lived. In the meantime, the young fellow was quite happy to ride around in the cruiser and sit in the police office while the officer awaited word from some anxious parent. A Water and Light commission employee finally told him where the boy lived. Questioning the young lad was of no avail, as he would only say one or two words at any time, and these generally were unintelligible.
  • A 17-year-old Fesserton youth was arrested by Midland police chief Robert Cameron yesterday as result of an act of vandalism at St. Andrew’s Hospital, Friday night. Police have charged him with willful damage, alleging that he was the person responsible for burning a hole in a portrait of the late Emma Baker, with a cigarette. 
  • Ten Years Ago This Week – At a special meeting, Midland council approved a motion demanding that Simcoe County council make a pro rata rebate of the county bond surplus amounting to $176,000, to all municipalities. * * *  The average income per farm in Ontario in 1947 was $3,000, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics reported. * * * Midland council announced the tax rate for 1948 would be 46 mills, the same rate as was set for 1947. In setting the levy, council rejected an appeal from St. Andrew’s Hospital Board for a grant of $6,000 to help offset the $11,000 deficit the hospital incurred in 1947. * * * A special nomination meeting was to be held in Port McNicoll, to receive nominations for the post of councillor for the remainder of the year. Councillor D. Dack had resigned. * * *   O. L. Dubeau was named the chairman of a Penetang committee organized to investigate the possibilities of establishing a recreation committee and recreation program for the town. E. J. Moreau was appointed secretary-treasurer. Other committee members were Maurille Marchand, Jan Ulrichsen, A. R. McDonald, Father J. O’Neil, Herb Scott, Bob Crippin, Dr. W. E. Binkley, R. C. Gauthier, John Wilcox, Joe Tersigni, Deputy Reeve Tom Morris, Mayor W. T. Hunter and Dr. C. S. Tennant. * * * Entries in Midland Music Festival totaled 465, involving nearly 1,500 competitors. In 1947, the festival’s first year, there were 252 entries. * * *  Following a survey of ice conditions in Midland harbour and the Georgian Bay proper, Capt. Charles Scott of the CSL’s tug Bayport reported ships of the winter fleet could leave any time. On its survey, the tug left the dock at 3 p. m. and an hour later nosed into open water at Midland Point. * * * Deputy-reeve Alex Macintosh of Midland was re-elected chairman of North Simcoe branch of Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society.


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