Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – November 1st to 7th, 1960

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Click on photos to enlargeWee spook – This little fellow, making his first Hallowe’en rounds of his Midland neighbourhood, got some pretty good “shell outs” despite his timid knocks at the doors. Rain, which started just after darkness fell, made for a rather miserable night for the younger folk.

This photo didn’t make it into the newspaper for Halloween 1960. We think this is Gianetto’s front door. A familiar bowling picture is hanging inside the front door.  

Huronia Museum recognizes that cultural appropriation for Halloween costumes is not acceptable practice by any stretch in 2020 and presents photos as found in the archives as a historical record of the community.  The museum’s collection, naturally including all photographic and archival material, is intended to educate and make a concerted effort in reconciliation by acknowledging the truth of Canada’s treatment of Indigenous peoples.

Midland council tendered a civic dinner for the Oshawa Salvation Army Songsters, in Midland over the weekend as part of the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the Salvation Army in Midland. Among the dignitaries present at the dinner in the Georgian Hotel Saturday night were, left to right, Lieut. Wm. Johnston, Midland; Col. H. Beckett, Toronto; Dr. P. B. Rynard, Orillia, MP for Simcoe East; Deputy-reeve Wm. Orr, Midland; and song leader Chris Osborne of the Oshawa group. 

Floor hockey is one of the many activities for boys in Midland YMCA’s physical fitness program. A campaign for $13,000 with which to finance this and other activities gets underway Nov. 14.  (The old familiar “shirts and skins”.)

Vasey’s 4-H Calf Club should continue to prosper with novice members like these, who have already made fine showings this year. Mrs. Roy Edwards, right, is seen presenting prizes on behalf of Vasey Women’s Institute to John Rumble, Ivan Smith, Sheila Edwards, Sharon Rumney and Donna Rumney. 

These members of Vasey 4-H Calf Club won the trophy for the best showing of three calves by any 4-H Club in the county at Barrie Fair this year. Seen with club leader Roy Edwards, they are, left to right, Donna Rumney, Madeline Stewart and John Stewart. 

Big smiles show appreciation of these Vasey 4-H Calf Club members for the prize money given them last Thursday night at Vasey by Mr. E. Christopherson, manager of the Midland Branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Left to right; the youngsters are Grant Robinson, Carolyn Edwards, Kenneth Leonard, Neil Strath and Sheila Edwards. 

Midland YMCA serves as headquarters for many organizations in addition to its own many activities. Seen above is the executive of the 45-member Midland Foreman’s Club, which meets there once monthly. Left to right are Elmer Lavigne, vice-president; George Small, president; Mirro Tretina, program chairman; Hans Karl Wiese, secretary; Otto Gollong, publicity chairman. 

Bryde Bernard, left, of Victoria Harbour, and Doreen Moreau, Midland, were awarded trophies by the Serra Club of Toronto at ceremonies held recently at St. Michael’s Cathedral as “outstanding girls” in their parishes. 

These students at the night school being sponsored by Midland-Penetang District High School will soon be able to answer “oui” to the old question “Parlez-vous Francais?”. They form one of the two classes taking conversational French. Instructor here is J. Giroux. 

Winners in the elementary school oratorical contest held Wednesday night in Regent school auditorium were Anne Delaney, left, and Michael St. Amand. Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. L. J. Delaney, Anne was judged the overall winner and will advance into the county finals at Barrie later this month. Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond St. Amand, won top honours for separate school speakers. 

This bronze plaque was presented to Midland Fire Brigade Wednesday night by several Midland firms in recognition of the brigade’s services in past years. Left to right; are Frank Bray, Ward Barrie, Phil Blake, who accepted the plaque on behalf of the brigade, Larry Dumais and Dean Nicholls. Other donors not represented were Wagg’s Laundry and Canada Steamship Lines. 

Midland Rotary Club made another contribution to the work of the Huronia Association for Retarded Children this week with the presentation of a $100 cheque to Mrs. Jack Banks (Evelyn). She is seen with Bob Scott, Rotary publicity chairman, left, and Lorne Garrow, club treasurer. The club had previously given the association a financial boost, making $300 contributed by them so far. 

Millinery is one of the popular classes at the night school being held at Midland – Penetang District High School this fall. Above, Mrs. Jack Reedy, left, and Mrs. James Newton are given a few pointers by Mrs. W. J. Manson, instructress. (The caption above, used in the newspaper, identified Mrs. Reedy as being on the left when it is actually Mrs. Emily Newton. Correction provided by her daughter Janice Craig.)

Over 1,200 persons attended the IGA cooking school at Midland’s IOOF Temple last week and the happiest of all was Mrs. Reg Campbell (right) of 134 Hugel Ave. Little Patrick Taylor, aged 4 1/2, picked Mrs. Campbell’s name out of the box, winning her an electric range, donated by Webster’s TV and Appliances, Penetang. Also seen are Ed Webster and Miss Jane Wright, instructress for the cooking school. 


Tighten PUC Regulations for Household Circuits
Free Press Herald headline of November 2, 1960 

Midland Public Utilities Commission has tightened wiring regulations. Monday night it approved a motion requiring that new single dwelling establishments be electrically wired with 100 ampere circuits. The motion, which becomes effective Jan. 1, 1961, also stated that small establishments with correspondingly small requirements will be given special consideration only upon written request, accompanied by plan details, to the PUC. 

Request Minister Curb Ballooning Hospital Costs
County Herald headline of November 4, 1960 .

Health Minister Matthew Dymond is being asked by St. Andrews Hospital Board to take steps to halt ballooning costs in Ontario’s provincial hospitalization scheme. The board’s action was taken at its meeting Tuesday night after it learned measures adopted by Toronto hospitals necessitated a per diem rate increase of $1.65 over the present rate at St Andrews and meant a hike of $3.05 over the rate in effect in 1959. The decision by all Toronto hospitals to raise the commencing rate for nurses to $285 per month in 1961 is reflected in the budget submitted by St. Andrews Hospital, Midland, to the Ontario Hospital Services Commission for approval. If approved by OHSC the per diem rate payable by ward patients at St. Andrews as of Jan. 1, 1961, will be $18.15. 

    Thirty-five years of Y’sdom in Midland were celebrated Saturday night when Midland Y’s Men’s Club held a banquet and dance at the YMCA. It was Dec. 3, 1925, that the Y’s Men’s Club of Midland received its charter, and charter president T. M.  McCullough was chairman of Saturday night’s banquet. Other charter members present were Wells Hartman and Sargeant Ruby of Midland, Fred Martin, now living in London, and Perce Ward of Brampton. A skit, “Y’s Men’s Club of Midland This Is Your Life”, depicted many of the activities and accomplishments of the club since its founding. The summer playground in Little Lake Park has been sponsored annually since 1926 by the Y’s Men’s Club. It is the longest continuous youth program in Midland and believed to be one of the longest in Canada. Narrator of the skit, Haig Abbott, mentioned the track and field competitions sponsored by the club in the late twenties and how interest stimulated by the events helped Midland to develop some of the finest high school athletes in Ontario. Other highlights of the early years of the club he said, were the sponsoring of the Orillia Y’s Men’s Club and the work of club members in organizing and developing programs of the Midland YMCA. He paid special tribute to D. L. White through whose generosity the YMCA was built and furnished. 

25 Years Ago
Publication day of The Free Press was changed from Thursday to Wednesday. * * * Future plans for Midland were being discussed at a chamber of commerce meeting and the topics of lower freight rates, winter sports, a Georgian Bay tourist organization and paving to Waubaushene. * * * Midland council approved Public Utilities Commission salaries for members of $50 a year and $lOO for the chairman for 1935 Council also agreed to double these salaries the following year. * * * The Grise brothers dissolved their partnership holdings at Honey Harbour, Phil Grise became sole owner of the Royal Hotel and George and Fred Grise took over the operation of the Delawana Inn. * * * “Bedlam in Bedclothing as tremor hits Midland” was a Free Press heading when two earth tremors rocked district buildings. First tremor came on Hallowe’en Eve and the second on the following day. * * * Noting a surplus of $325 in the public works department, Midland’s Mayor S. W. McKinley said, “The whole town is in better shape financially”. * * * All Saints’ parish hall, Penetang was the scene of a two day dramatic contest between Anglican Young People’s Associations from Midland, Thornton, Orillia, Coldwater, Fair Valley and Penetang. * * * Many Midland men were trying out for the ten-man relay team which was preparing for the relay road race between Orillia and Barrie.  

    Hydro power rates in Midland are the lowest of any community in Ontario, the 1959 annual report of the Ontario Hydro Commission reveals. It is an enviable position once held by Ottawa. According to a breakdown of rates, listed in the latest bulletin of the Midland Chamber of Commerce, the Midland residential rate is $1.26 lower than Barrie, $1.71 lower than Collingwood, 81 cents lower than Orillia and 54 cents lower than Penetang. Midland’s commercial rate is $2.97 compared with Barrie’s $3.69; Collingwood’s $4.23; Orillia’s $3.51 and Penetang’s $3.06. In the industrial rates, Midland is one cent lower than Barrie’s $2 38. Collingwood industrial is $2.79, Orillia $2.47, Penetang $2.55. 

    At a special short- meeting of Midland Council Monday afternoon, Jack Sharp, Victoria Street, Midland, was appointed the town’s welfare officer and clerical assistant. Mr. Sharp, who is single and a native of Midland, is a graduate of Midland High School. Midland’s clerk-treasurer Wm. A. Hack stated yesterday, that Mr. Sharp had been chosen from 22 applications received for the position. Mr. Sharp replaces Kenneth Hawkes who has been appointed secretary of the Midland Planning Board. 

Tug Lucknow – Dear Editor: The 265-ton single screw wooden tug W. H. Pringle (88623) was built in 1871 at South Saginaw by Thomas T. Arnold for H. Pringle. A. Rust, D. W. Rust and Wm. Weby of Marine City. Her length was 129 feet, width 19 feet and depth 7 feet 6 inches. On May 5, 1877, she burned at Marysville. Her hull was sold to H. B. Barrow of Cleveland who rebuilt it as a 219-ton schooner barge. He sold her in 1881 to John Demass of Detroit, who sold her in 1884 to J. and T. Charlton of Windsor. The Charltons renamed her International (Can 88623) and afterwards renamed her Onaping. Then they rebuilt her as a tug, 250 tons, length 120 feet, width 18 feet, and depth 7 feet 6 inches. She had a steeple compound engine with 27-inch stroke, cylinders 22 inches and 40 inches diameter. In 1892 she was given a new firebox boiler measuring 10 feet 1 inch by 16 feet. In 1915 she was sold Edward and David Burke of Midland (Towing and Wrecking Co.) and renamed Lucknow. In 1934 she was sold to Wallaceburg Sand and Gravel Co., and in 1935 she was dismantled and beached on the shore of Midland Bay then burned.          W. R. Williams 

    Fire late yesterday afternoon caused heavy damage to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Quesnelle, 124 Fifth Street, Midland. This newspaper was informed that Mr. Quesnelle came home from work and attempted to start an oil space heater in the house. The stove, located in a room at the back of the house, exploded and the flames spread rapidly up the wall and into the second floor. The fire broke out about 3.50 p.m. When Midland firemen arrived on the scene extensive fire, water and smoke damage had been caused to the the house and rooms on the upper floor. 

BANKS—To Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Banks, 33 Olive Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday October 28, 1960, a daughter.
BARRY — To Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Barry, 33 Poyntz St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Friday, Oct. 28, 1960, a daughter.
BEAUSOLEIL — To Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Beausoleil, 46 Main St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Friday, Oct. 28, 1960, a son.
BOYER — To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boyer, Honey Harbour, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Monday, Oct. 31. 1960, a son.
DUSOME—To Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dusome, Sunnyside, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, October 28, 1960, a daughter.
 LARMAND—To Mr. and Mrs. Hermos Larmand, Victoria Harbour, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, October 28, 1960 a daughter.
MILLER — To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller, 285 Russell St., Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Saturday, October 29, 1960, a daughter.
TINNEY — To Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tinney, Coldwater, at St. Andrews Hospital, Tuesday, November 1, 1960, a son.
BOTTINEAU—To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bottineau, Highland Point, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1960, twin daughters.
CLEMENT — To Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Clement, R.R. 1, Elmvale, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Monday, Oct. 24, 1960, a daughter.
DESROCHES — To Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Desroches, R.R. 2, Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1960, a son.
LACROIX — To Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Lacroix, Leonard Ave., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1960, a son.
ROBILLARD — To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Robillard, 22 Jeffrey St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Saturday, Oct. 29, 1960, a son.
YULE—To Mr. and Mrs. Earnel Yule, 156 Robert St. E., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Sunday, Oct. 23, 1960, a daughter.

It is always interesting to look back another 20 years to see what was making news in Midland in 1940. The clipping below describes a young man’s experiences that are far removed from what life is now.

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  1. Why did you post a picture of a little girl in a racist costume? It wasn’t even in the paper, so you went out of your way to post it. It’s a disgusting reminder of Midland’s racist legacy that continues today.

    • Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We simply summarize the content from the newspaper in our “Looking Back” segment each week but should have taken this image as a teachable moment. Again we apologize, will edit the post shortly, and thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

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