Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – March 24th to 31st, 1961

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Click on photos to enlargeThe new YW-YMCA at Hillsdale is providing an outlet for the energies and interest of some 35 boys and girls of that area. Doug Ronalds supervises a class in glass painting. From left to right, the girls are Linda Lockhart, Nancy Train, Mary Lea, Blanche Lesperance, Florence Jollie and Mrs. Ronald. 

There’s fun for everyone, from the eight-year-olds to adults, at the new extension of the YW-YMCA in Hillsdale.  Mrs. Tony Eccleshall leads (left to right) Elizabeth Ronald, Kathy Nixon, Shirley Pietrowski, Lorna Lockhart and Isobel Nixon in some PT exercises. 

“Doing the hokey-pokey’’ are Anne Eccleshall, Sharon Thompson, Mary Lee Mellon, Elizabeth Pietrowski, Sharon Douglas and Janice Hill. 

Lending a helping hand to kids hockey in Midland, Branch 80 of the Canadian Legion has donated a cheque for $100 to aid in the work of Midland Little NHL. Little NHL President Vern Sweeting, left, accepts the cheque from George McLaughlin, Legion president. 

Winning ticket in the third Polaroid camera contest was drawn by Meyer Mostyn, King Street businessman and a member of Midland Planning Board. Mr. Mostyn holds the ticket of Paul Crawford of Midland, the winner who made his purchase at Taylor’s Service Station. 

To the victors go the spoils, so they say. Free Press Herald Advertising Manager Harry Brown presents Albert Taylor with his new Polaroid camera. It was at the latter’s service station that the winner obtained his entry ticket. There still are six cameras to be won. 

To the victors go the spoils, so they say.  Paul Crawford of Midland inspects his camera prize, presented by editor Wils Harrison. There still are six cameras to be won. 

There was lots of fun for the youngsters, such as this penny toss game, at the open house and fun fair held by Bayview Home and School Association at Midland’s Bayview School Saturday. Mrs. Albert Spiker, above, watches one of her many customers during the long afternoon. 

Something new has been added to the Canadian Government ice-breaker Alexander Henry this year, in the form of the helicopter above making practice landings on a special after-deck. The ’copter took a number of lighthouse keepers and their families to their lonely stations Monday and re-joined the “Henry” later as it steamed out of the Bayports towards the Lakehead for the opening of another navigation season. 

These tots held a share of the spotlight as Midland Figure Skating Association held its “Ice Capers of 1961” at Arena Gardens recently. From left to right are Lonnie Leitch, Virginia Simpson, Jane Brasher, Suzanne Kluck, Nancy Biggar and Peggy Wallace. 

Not long ago, Terry Dubeau was wearing leg braces as a result of a fall from a bunk bed. Now the 9-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Laval Dubeau is playing goal for Penetang’s junior “A” team, which will seek a provincial title during the Ontario finals in Midland and Penetang during Easter holidays. He’s seen above with Rev. Len Self, a director of both the Midland and Ontario Little NHL organizations. 

Doug McNabb of Victoria Harbour intends making good use of these travelling bags, presented to him Thursday by CPR employees at Port McNicoll. On hand to wish him well in retirement, as well as to present gifts, were left to right, L. L. Saundercook, CPR agent at Port McNicoll; Percy Pincombe, retired locomotive foreman; Mr. McNabb; F. J. Koehn, assistant superintendent, Trenton Division; James Stewart, assistant superintendent, and Stewart Miller, superintendent of the locomotive shop. 

Members of St. Margaret’s Parish, Midland, are currently conducting a combined fund canvass which seeks to raise $150,000 over the next three years for educational and religious purposes. Some of the workers include left to right, seated, Wm. Kennedy, Dr. E. A. Grise, general chairman. W. H. Shaver, John Gianetto; standing, Frank Keenan, Jerome Jessome, Robert Fountain, Ross Cioe. 

Some of the workers include, left to right, Martin Bestor, William Murray, Don McVey, Jacques Giroux and Paul Quilty.

“CUTE CHICKS” would seem to be a good caption for this picture, whether you’re looking at the girls or the baby chicks. Girls are, left to right, Maureen McGuire, Perkinsfield, Penelope Self, Midland, and Claire Bellehumeur, Penetang, all students of Grade 11, MPDHS. The chicks are day-old hybrids, part of a hatch of 120 used in the studies of agriculture and agricultural science students at the school. 


County Herald headline of March 24, 1961.
Although Dominion Bureau of Statistics figures, issued this week, indicate a high incidence of unemployment in some parts of Canada, Midland is not one of them. Jobless figures compiled by the local National Employment Service office and released this week show that the North Simcoe area is prospering. And where unemployment totals have been climbing in some districts, here there has been a decline – 7.4 percent since January. Harold Humphries, manager of the NES office in Midland, said a comparison of 1960 and 1961 jobless totals for this district during January, February and up to mid-March, reveal there has been a steady decline in unemployment since January this year. The total for unplaced males and females for January, was 1,807, comprised of 1,533 males and 274 females. 


Free Press Herald headline of March 29, 1961.
Penetang council Monday night pushed the button turning on a green for $229,000 sewage treatment project for the town. The figure includes a small amount for a short trunk line to connect all present outlets to the plant. On recommendation of Engineer V. G. Bardawill, council agreed to request Ontario Water Resources Commission to proceed with details of the job, and carry on later with construction. The engineer estimated 30 men would be employed for an eight month period, with 20 of that number coming from the local labour pool. 

    Lloyd Letherby, MPP for Simcoe East, seconded a motion by Albert Wren (L.-Lab. Kenora) calling on the Ontario government to permit the sale of beer and  liquor as room service in hotels and the purchase of take-out beer in beverage rooms. The motion was made at a recent meeting of the legislature’s committee on travel and publicity and was carried unanimously by the seven members present. 

    Paul Tremblay of St. Theresa’s High School, Midland, came second in the Knights of Columbus district 19 oratorical contest held at Owaissa Lodge, Orillia, March 19. Paul’s prepared speech was entitled “Utilizing the Sacraments”, and his impromptu speech was on “Modern Music”. 

    Checking on reports that farmers were worried wells in this area running dry, this newspaper learned yesterday that although there have been a few wells run dry or containing very little water, the situation is not widespread. At the Farmer’s Co-Op at Lafontaine it was said one or two have been hauling water in recent weeks, but nothing serious has developed to date. 

    As Good Friday, March 31, is a statutory holiday, only one issue of this newspaper will be published this week. It will be the Free Press Herald and it will be published Friday, March 29. Advertisers and rural Correspondents are asked to have their ad and news copy in early. 

    Tiny Township’s maple syrup industry got a fair share of publicity this week when it was featured in a metro daily newspaper and on TV. The Toronto daily carried a layout of more than half a page of pictures, taken on two farms near Lafontaine. CBC national TV news Wednesday night also had film coverage on the same subject, with the movies taken in the same locations. 

    The list of 44 teams which will play a total of 61 games in Midland and Penetang during the Ontario Little NHL finals, Easter week has been released by Rev. Len Self, Ontario director. The 44 teams are the survivors from 102 All-Star Leagues, representing 1,500 teams from the East-Central parts of the province. Local officials must lay plans for looking after not only the 850 young team members who will be on hand, but an estimated 2,500 adults who will accompany them. 

    Dear Editor: The single-screw steam tug “Harry A” official No. 134268, was built in 1914 by the Georgian Bay Shipbuilding and Wrecking Co. at Midland and registered there by Joseph M. Syer of Midland. She was a wooden tug, length 31 feet five inches, width 11 feet three inches and depth 3 feet eight inches, gross registered (illegible) tons. She had a single-cylinder high pressure engine built by the Doty Marine Engine and Boiler Co. of Goderich. She was reported burned at West Mary Island in the vicinity of Little Current Ont., and her registry was officially closed in 1931.
W. R. Williams 

    Midland council in a special session Monday night asked for and received the resignation of Public Works Superintendent W. “Bud” Turnbull. The portion of the meeting dealing with Mr. Turnbull’s resignation was closed to press and radio representatives. Clerk-treasurer Wm. A. Hack advised yesterday that he had been authorized by council to announce Mr. Turnbull’s resignation. Mr. Hack said Mr. Turnbull had written out his resignation at the meeting and handed it to council, who accepted it and noted that it would take effect immediately. 

   Penetang council stepped in Monday night to give police an assist in clearing up a major loitering problem, prevalent each Sunday in the vicinity of three restaurants. Chief Jack Arbour recommended erection of signs which will prohibit parking from 12 noon to midnight Sundays the Main Street, between Robert and Poyntz Streets. The chief told council the loitering problem is increasing, with many of the offending teen-agers coming from out-of-town. “We have them from as far away as Collingwood. And then, too, there are a lot from Lafontaine,” he said. Chief Arbour said the offenders are quite cagey, and apparently have a pretty fair knowledge of just how far they can go without actually running afoul of the law. “I have spent several Sundays watching the situation. While you are looking everything is fine. They stay within the law. But the minute you turn your back, they’re into trouble.” 

    A Burlington helicopter firm, operated by former Midlander Bob Gillies, has reached an agreement with Toronto Harbor Commission to use lakefront land for operation of a regular service between downtown Toronto and Malton airport. The landing pad will be on an open area between Yonge and Bay Streets, south of Harbor Street, Toronto. The first flight of the new service took place Friday when two men were brought in from Malton for a brief stay downtown and were whisked back. Eventually, the service will be on a regularly scheduled basis. Bob who has landed a helicopter in Midland several times, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Gillies of Midland.

    It is a bit of a shock to realize, as Dr. B. Boyd of the Ontario Hospital, Penetang, recently pointed out to the Midland Kiwanis Club, that there are now more hospital beds occupied by the mentally ill than beds used by persons afflicted by all other illnesses put together. 

ELRICK — To Mr.  and Mrs. William Elrick, King Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Tuesday, March 21, 1961, a daughter.
GRASIC — To Mr and Mrs. Vincene Grasic, 211 Queen Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital. Sunday, March 12, 1961, a son.
IRONSIDE – To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ironside, 70 Victoria, Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Sunday, March 12, 1961, a son.
KING — To Mr. and Mrs. Amos King, Christian Island, at St. Andrews Hospital, Tuesday, March 14, 1961, a son.
LeDUC — To Mr. and Mrs. Percy LeDuc, Port Severn, at St. Andrews Hospital, Sunday, March 12, 1961, a daughter.
LEGAULT — To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Legault, Howe’s Corner, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Sunday, March 12, 1961, a son.
MARTIN — To Mr. and Mrs. John Martin, 209 Third Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Monday, March 20, 1961, a son.
NICHOLSON -To Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Nicholson, Honey Harbour, at St. Andrews Hospital, Thursday, March 16, 1961, a son.
PERRAULT — To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perrault, 217 Russell Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital Wednesday, March 22, 1961, twins, a son and daughter.
TILSON — To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tilson, 95 Hanley Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, March 17, 1961, a daughter.
TOBEY — To Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tobey, Honey Harbour, at St. Andrews Hospital, Saturday, March 18, 1961, a daughter.
TOOLE — To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Toole, Wyebridge, at St. Andrews Hospital, Wednesday, March 22, 1961, a daughter.
TROTTIER — To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trottier, 174 Ellen Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, March 10, 1961, a daughter.

We have gone back 80 years to 1941 and pulled some advertising from the March editions of the Free Press Herald.

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