Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – November 15th to 22nd, 1961

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The Free Press Herald headline of November 15, 1961. 

Another lengthy six-hour session marked the last regular meeting of Midland council Monday night before the December elections. On the agenda was the judicial inquiry, the long simmering gravel question, acceptance of the official plan and the much-discussed Turnbull affair. All were aired during the marathon meeting. Town solicitor Douglas Haig, informed council by letter that in his opinion a judicial inquiry into the affairs of the town was unwarranted. The notice of motion put forth by Aldermen Thompson and Woods September 11 asked for an inquiry into all matters of the government of the municipality for a ten year period dating  back to 1951. Mr. Haig told council the wording of the motion was entirely too broad in scope and it was doubtful that a county Judge would agree to undertake as Mr. Haig termed it, a “Herculean task.”

    According to a reliable source on Penetang Town Council, efforts are being made to sell the Payette Foundry property to the highest bidder. This decision was reached at a special meeting of council, Nov. 6. Information supplied to this newspaper is a metro legal firm has been retained by insurance companies who had issued fire policies on the Payette building, purchased by the municipality. It is understood the fire policies were taken out when the company operating the plant went into bankruptcy two years ago. Approximately $6,000 was owing to the town in back taxes.   

    In a friendly, informal talk, Ossie Waffle, Reeve of Etobicoke, told the annual meeting of Penetang Chamber of Commerce, they should play up the fact Penetanguishene is the oldest incorporated town In Ontario —if not in the Dominion The speaker mentioned that Etobicoke never fails to mention their municipality is the first planned community in the province. “A lot of people hear of Penetang and Penetanguishene and think there are two towns.” Mr. Waffle said, “I like Penetanguishene. In abbreviating it you lose something. Some place in your literature you should explain that they are one and the same place. “Penetanguishene — there’s a catchiness to this name that I like. It’s a real selling point that I believe you should use continually.” Mr. Waffle said there were many towns and municipalities in Ontario, well removed from Metro, which he is always pleased to visit. It’s not the bricks and mortar that make a town: it’s the spirit of the people in it. You have a tremendous feeling and spirit right here in Penetang. “I enjoy myself much more in Penetang than I do in Midland because the people here are much friendlier. I know whereof I speak, because as a cottager on an island not too far distant, I have occasion to visit both places. 

   Penetanguishene housewives had the opportunity at the beginning of this week to purchase and use a brand new product before any others in the world. The product — an entirely new type of cake-mix,  for which manufacturers have been striving since they became popular. Pillsbury’s Midland plant is the first in the world to perfect and produce a cake-mix using vegetable shortening. Bill Stevens, manager of Penetang branch of Dominion Stores gained the distinction of putting the new product on sale before any other retail store in the world when he displayed it Monday morning. According to Pillsbury officials it will be several days before any other retailer will have the mix on his shelf. Dan Webb, salesman at Pillsbury, said the mix was developed in Midland and will not be available to American Pillsbury customers for some time.

   Intensive investigation carried out by Penetang police has revealed a steering failure was likely the prime cause of an accident which took the life of one Penetang man and sent another to hospital in serious condition. John Stanley Raaflaub, 29, a native of Magnetewan died within a few hours of the crash. It occurred at the intersection of Fox and Robert Streets east about 11.45 Friday night. Along with the driver of the car, John Reynolds, 24, of Sault Ste. Marie, Raaflaub was rushed to St. Michaels Hospital Toronto. Treatment there for cerebral lacerations and hemorrhage failed and he died four hours later. Mr. Reynolds, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elvard Reynolds, Church Street, Penetang, was reported yesterday to be in poor condition.    

    Midland’s St. Andrews Hospital has had its ups and downs in past years, but nothing to match the record of its one active elevator at the moment. Increased occupancy of the hospital led to the property committee making a survey recently as to the advisability of installing a new elevator in the old shaft in the Playfair Wing. A time study taken from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on an average day revealed the one elevator now in operation made 229 trips during the 10-hour period, or an average of one trip every 2.6 minutes. “It can easily be imagined the chaotic state of affairs which could exist should a major breakdown occur at any time,” Alex Craig, hospital administrator, pointed out in his report to the St. Andrews Board Monday night. 

    Midland, it seems, has its own version of Abby Hoffman, the girl who set the Toronto sports world agog a few years back by more than holding her own in a city boys’ league. In Midland the word is watch out for Patsy Dalziel. Competing in the new girls’ division of the Little NHL, Patsy came up with five goals last week to help Jets trim the Comets 6-3. 

25 YEARS AGO – 1936
Midland council met for its regular November meeting and just 35 minutes later had finished all business on the agenda and passed the motion to adjourn. * * * Trains started to run over the new subway at Martyr’s Shrine and it was expected that the road under the subway would be ready for motor traffic in a few days. * * * Midland Boy Scouts, under the direction of Major Van Tausk, were repairing toys for presentation to under privileged children at Christmas. * * * The Midland Y’s Men’s Club was presenting the comedy, “It’s a Knockout”. * * * The fourth annual dramatic contest of the Simcoe Council of the Anglican Young People’s Association was held in St. Matthias’ parish hall, Coldwater.  Parishes taking part were from Orillia, Barrie, Midland, Penetang and Coldwater. * * * Franz Johnston, director of the Balm Beach School of Art and a prominent Canadian artist was the guest speaker at the regular meeting of Women’s Canadian Club of Midland. * * * It was announced the amalgamation of the Simcoe Foresters and the Owen Sound Greys regiments would become effective December 15. “D” Company, comprising Midland and Penetang men would remain unchanged, it was stated. * * *  St. Ann’s Young People’s Club, Penetang, was presenting a three-act comic opera, “The Royal Chief”, with a cast of 50. 

One of the largest deer shot by local hunters in several years is this 238-pound giant, bagged by Leo Light of Sunnyside Friday afternoon. Leo was one of a party of five hunting in the Gibson River area when he brought this one down with one shot. Others in the party were his brother, Phil Light, Fred Trott, Mel Murphy and Capt. Andy Allan, commodore of the CSL fleet. 

Learning how to look after a bed patient is part of the nurses’ aide course being held at St. Andrews Hospital, Midland. In this practice run, Shirley McDonald, Alliston, serves as “the patient” for Carol Wylie (left), Collingwood, and Ann Raspberry, Smooth Rock Falls. 

Officials of the Midland District Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society were highly pleased with the turnout for their annual meeting in the YMCA Thursday night. Unit officials and principal guests are seen above. They are, left to right, front row — Miss Annette DesRoches, Mrs. (Dr.) Peter Brasher, Mrs. W. L. Attridge and Dr. Vera Peters, senior radio therapist, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, the principal speaker; second row — Miss Rita Dubeau, Miss Margaret Wilson, Dr. Peter Brasher, N. R. Shill, Harold Boyd and Maurice Grimes, Toronto, executive director for the Ontario division of the Canadian Society. 

Guest speaker at the Remembrance Day dinner held for the first time in the new Legion Hall in Midland Saturday night was R. C. Gauthier, principal of Midland-Penetang District High School. Mr. Gauthier is seen above addressing the large turnout of veterans and civic officials in the new $80,000 hall. 

Clad in traditional short, short skirts, these Thornhill cheerleaders didn’t let the snow-covered field for the football final at MPDHS Field Thursday faze them one bit. They felt warmer when their team won the title, 14 – 6. Better equipped, but less fortunate in the final result, were MPDHS fans Dave Hook, left, and Doug Scott, who came prepared with snowshoes. 

The County Herald headline of November 17, 1961. 

At a special meeting Thursday night, Council was advised by its solicitor, Douglas Haig, that a counter-claim for $12,500 will be entered against former works superintendent, Walter (Bud) Turnbull. The action, authorized by council, stems from a writ recently issued against the town by Mr. Turnbull. He is suing the corporation for $5,000 and unstated damages for wrongful-dismissal earlier this year. Mr. Haig told council the counter-claim is asking for $5,000 for conversion of materials, goods and machinery belonging to the town by Mr. Turnbull; $5,000 for damages for improper inspections, incompetence and dereliction of office while he was employed as works superintendent, and $2,500 for punitive damages. It also asks for costs and other damages as the court shall deem fit to award. 

   Several Midlanders were involved in the $300,000 fire which swept through a Collingwood business block Monday night. One of the stores destroyed was Mostyn’s Men’s Wear, one of several now operated by Myer Mostyn. Driven from one of the apartments above the four business establishments involved were Mr. and Mrs. James Wood and sons, James, 13, and Murray, 4. The Wood family lived on Yonge Street, Midland, until they moved to Collingwood earlier this year. “We had just nicely got going there and all our books and papers went up with the stock.” said Mr. Mostyn. He said it would probably be some time before the buildings were restored and he was uncertain as to whether or not he would establish a shop in Collingwood.  

    Former reeve and county council representative, Herbert J. Beauchamp, has declared himself officially in the running for the mayor’s chair on the 1962 Midland council. Mr. Beauchamp told the County Herald, Thursday afternoon, that he has let his name stand after requests from various labor and civic groups in the town. He said that he gave it long and careful consideration before reaching this decision. The mayoralty candidate has a varied and successful career behind him in municipal affairs. He was first elected to council as the alderman for Ward 2 in 1947 and in 1948-49 he was a commissioner on the parks board. Mr. Beauchamp represented Ward- 3 in 1957 and 1958, before being elected to deputy-reeve in 1959. The following year he was elected reeve and while holding this position he served on the finance committee of county council. As chairman of public works in 1959, he was responsible for the extensive paving program carried out by his department. It was during this year that blacktopping was done on Ellen, Fredrick, Mildred, Centre, Elizabeth and Dominion Avenues, as well as Fifth Street. Also included in the program was the paving of the town dock.  

    At a special meeting last night Midland council authorized a stabilization program for a number of town streets. Council gave the “go ahead” to engineer H. Luksep for the reconstruction of Johnston, Scott, Robert and Donalda Streets, to stabilize the freshly placed granular base. An application of liquid calcium was recommended at an estimated cost of $320. Because of the weather, blacktopping of the streets will have to be left until spring. Cost will be subsidized by the Department of Highways if council passes a bylaw transferring this item from its paving budget to construction of gravel roads. 

Proud in their new roles as crossing guards in Port McNicoll’s first school patrol are these youngsters, seen with Ray Belanger, right, chairman of the school board which is backing the venture. Left to right are, front row—James Richardson, Linda Maxwell, Sheila Dundas, Patrick Kelly, Darryl Sibley, Robert Larkin; back row —Linda Comber, Elaine Beausoleil, Bryan Garrett, Sheila Cavanaugh, Nancy Kelly, Linda Adam. 

Sponsored by the public school board, Port McNicoll now has a school patrol to assist pupils across four main crossings near the school on Seventh Avenue. Above, Elaine Beausoleil is seen with a group of youngsters waiting to cross the street in front or the school. 

Members of Midland 4-H Strawberry Club received their awards for their season’s work at a dinner held in Wyebridge Community Hall Wednesday night. Former manager of the Dominion Store in Midland and now a district inspector living in Toronto, C. H. Long is seen making presentations to, left to right, Sharon Benson, who placed third, Ken Reynolds, second, and Judy Rankin, who placed first in the competition. 

Holding the ticket worth §100, won by Mrs. Fred Hodgins, V. G. Edwards is shown making the draw for the St. Andrews Hospital Auxiliary Nov. 3. Centre is Mrs. Gordon Boyd, auxiliary convener of the draw, and right Mrs. D’Alton Hudson, president of St. Andrews Hospital Auxiliary. Approximately $300 was raised and is to be used to pay for a second stretcher-conveyor donated to the hospital. Second prize winner of a transistor radio was Mrs. T. J. Henderson and the third prize of $25 was T. Przybyszewski. 

Last Saturday’s senior football final here between MPDHS and Thornhill was played on a snow-covered field. An M-P player is buried here under dark Thornhill jerseys as the visitors picked up their first point in scoring a 14-6 win to take the title. 

Born in Ottawa, Mr. LaChapelle attended local schools until high school graduation, and then he went to the University of Ottawa where he earned his BA in social science. In his first year as a teacher at MPDHS, Mr. LaChappelle is teaching history and geography to grade nine, in addition to advanced and basic French. As yet be is not supervising any extracurricular activities, but later in the year he may be assisting Miss McMullen with the French Club. Mr. LaChappelle plays badminton every Saturday and is fond of skating in the winter. He says that he likes Midland and MPDHS very much and as things stand now, he hopes to remain here for a few years at least. —Maureen Killoran 12A 

Editorial page photo entitled; “Waiting for Summer”. 

These two pretty, young students attending the certified nurses’ aide course at St. Andrews Hospital have a new boy friend, “Mr. Bones”. They are Mieke VanderKnapp, Collingwood, and Barbara Dion, Midland. 

Oldest living past president Branch 80, Royal Canadian Legion, Midland, Donald Swinson is seen addressing the large crowd that attended the laying of the cornerstone of the new Legion Hall Saturday. 

The Free Press Herald headline of November 22, 1961. 

Meeting in Barrie Tuesday, Simcoe County Council endorsed resolutions by Peel County and Penetang General Hospital, seeking support for a petition requesting Provincial and Federal governments to legalize hospital sweepstakes in this country. The resolution was one of seven put forward by the legislation committee for action by council, which went into a committee of the whole to discuss them. Reeve John MacDonald of Orillia acted as chairman for the discussion. Fred Cook, deputy-reeve of Bradford, said he was against the proposal on two grounds, firstly, because Bradford council had turned it down in an earlier discussion, and secondly from a personal viewpoint. “It would make our government into a sort of gambling syndicate,” he declared. Reeve Ernest Cadeau of Victoria Harbour, said the  resolution was favorably received by his council, and that he was also personally in favor.

    With Penetang’s municipal nominations slated for Thursday night, there is pronounced lack of enthusiasm evident around the town. Even the fact this election will be for a two-year period, has not stirred the general public. In fact, several people called yesterday by the Free Press, didn’t know the date set for nominations. There are many- unconfirmed rumours circulating that Mayor Jerome Gignac will have at least one opponent in the mayoralty race. Some  speculation has placed ex-assessor Edgar Moreau, as one of the would-be candidates. 

    A lonesome hound-dog scoured the woods around Severn Falls last year, after the hunting season ended. The homeless wanderer searching for its master was adopted by D. Smith of the Falls, who christened it “Stubby.” Stubby led the life of a contented canine until hunting season re-opened this year. One day a stranger, gun slung over his shoulder, strode past Stubby’s kennel. The hunter whistled as he walked and the notes reached the ears of the kennel’s inhabitant. Quivering with joy, a furry bundle hurled itself into the arms of the passing hunter who shouted “Mike.” That evening, Mike alias- Stubby, was homeward bound to Guelph. Commandeering the entire rear seat of the station wagon on the trip home, Mike, as any smart dog would do, vowed to give up hunting forever. 

    Trounced 14-5 by Barrie Falcons in Barrie Friday night, coach Jim Johnson’s Flyers will be out to avenge this shellacking against the same club at Arena Gardens tonight. Midland fans can look for some new faces in tonight’s line-up as Johnson continues his efforts to provide the faithful with a winner. The fans will also be able to bask in a little warmth from the new electric heaters recently put into operation. 

DUBE —To Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dube Penetang Road, Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov. 4, 1961, a daughter.
DUMAIS — To Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dumais, 64 Water St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 3, 1961, a son.
CARRAWAY — To Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie Carraway, Poyntz St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 4, 1961, a daughter.
HOOK — To Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hook, 40 Burke St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 3, 1961, a daughter.
INGRAM – To Mr. and Mrs. Jas Ingram, 50 Church St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 9, 1961 a son.
LAURIN – To Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Laurin, 12 Centre St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 7, 1961, a son.
LEROUX – To Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Leroux, 49 Water St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 12, 1961, a son.
MARCHILDON – To Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Marchildon, 156 Main St. Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov. 10, 1961, a son.
REID — To Mr. and Mrs. Neil Reid Perkinsfield, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov 3, 1961, a son.
ST AMANT — To Mr. and Mrs. Oswald St Amant, 62 Robert St., W. Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov. 1, 1961, a son.
VAILLANCOURT — To Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vaillancourt, 140 Poyntz St., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov. 5, 1961, a daughter.
WINDROSS — To Mr. and Mrs. Ken Windross, Robert St. E., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Nov. 17, 1961, a son. 

An agreement was reached between the Joyce Cridland Company of Dayton Ohio, and Midland Foundry and Machine Co. Ltd. under which the Midland firm would manufacture hydraulic jacks for the United States and export markets. • • • Wm. A. Robinson, MP for Simcoe East, was elected chairman of the radio committee of the House of Commons.  • • Midland council approved an agreement with Simcoe County Council for the upkeep and repair of streets within the corporation which were extensions of, or connected with, roads included in the county road system. • • • A new trophy for Midland District High School was presented to Principal J. J. Robins by Jim Harrison, publicity manager for National Theatre Services. Known as the Roxy Trophy it was to be presented for annual competition for the MPDHS senior boy. • • • Proposal for the formation of a Penetang High School cadet band was outlined by Principal Ray Gauthier when he asked for financial assistance from the Penetang Legion. • • • The Manson J. Bradley Chapter, Order of The Eastern Star, presented a  new oxygen tent to St. Andrews Hospital, Midland. • • • William Jeffery, Midland, was president of the Georgian Bay Branch of the Navy League of Canada. The group was holding its tag day in support of the Sea Cadet movement. • • • Candidates for the provincial election in Simcoe ridings were Simcoe East — Wilfred H. Hoult, CCF; Dr. John D. McPhee, PC.; John R. MacIsaac, Liberal: Simcoe Centre —George G. Johnston, P.C. and F. Charles Newton, Liberal. • • • Doctors and private citizens were joining in a plea for a “yes” vote on the new hospital by-law to be put before Midland ratepayers. 

It was a big night Tuesday for members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce at Brooklea Golf and Country Club when they entertained their National President, R. H. (Reg) Dorrett of Regina. Pictured above, after the signing of the guest book at town hall are, left to right; Lloyd Delaney, Ontario Jaycee president, Reg Dorrett, John Bourgeois, president of the Midland club and Miles Blackhurst, immediate past president. 

Banner which proclaims Clara Taylor, 20, of Saanichton, B.C., as Canada’s “Dairy Princess” for 1961 is admired by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Etherington of Victoria Harbour. Appearing at the Royal Winter Fair last week, Miss Taylor stopped off to visit her Victoria Harbour cousins on the way home. 

Second nurses aid course to be operated at St. Andrews Hospital, Midland, is now well, underway with 11 students on hand. Seen above, left to right are: front row—Carol McGee, Port Colborne; Mrs. Shirley Widdes, Midland; Mrs. W. Bramah, instructress; Louise Ballantyne, Egbert; Mieke VanderKnapp, Collingwood; back row—Leola McMillan, Owen Sound; Ann Raspberry, Smooth Rock Falls; Carole Wylie, Collingwood; Shirley McDonald, Alliston; Barbara Dion, Midland; Mrs. Pearl Cowden, Midland; Jean Emms, Barrie. 

To Mrs. Charles Melville, who lost two sons in World War II went the honour of laying the cornerstone for Midland’s new Canadian Legion Hall, November 11. Mrs. Melville was also a guest at the Remembrance Day dinner in the evening. 

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  1. So many events happening ie town council, high school, charities and advancements that we just except today as the norm. Pillsbury and the cake mix, nursing aides graduates and town planning are just a few examples that helped to shape the town of Midland. When my grandmother immigrated to Midland, Canada the streets were just dirt roads with wooden planks to walk on as a sidewalk.

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