Huronia Museum will be re-opening to the public as of January 31. Our hours will be the same as prior to the closure, Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM, with our last time for admission at 3PM.

Visits do not need to be pre-booked, but groups may be asked to wait a few moments to allow space between entrances. All visits are self-guided, but while one site we ask our visitors to follow the directional arrows as they move through the museum and that all members of a group remain together. This will allow for plenty of space for social distancing when there are multiple visitor groups at one time.

As before, masks are mandatory will visiting or shopping in our store.

In an effort to keep both staff and visitors safe we are limiting the number of people in the building at anyone time to 50%, in keeping with government guidelines. To help control our numbers and limit contact the museum’s archives will remain closed until such time as they can be operated safely for everyone; we will also not be admitting volunteers at this time.

For anyone wishing to meet with a staff member, we ask that you call ahead to arrange a time. Staff will still be working from home from time to time and this will help to limit contact and keep our staff safe. Staff will attempt to resolve any issues by phone or email, where possible. Otherwise they will arrange a specific time to meet with anyone where that is not possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can call the museum at 705-526-2844 or email us at

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