Research Policy for Huronia Museum

Research Policy for Huronia Museum


1.      Purpose

1.1  This policy outlines the type of research which will be undertaken by Huronia Museum, who will carry out the research, what resources are available to the general public for research purposes and the limitations on those resources.

1.2  The Museum will use the term research to refer to the process whereby information is generated about any object contained in the permanent collection or presented as a possible acquisition as it pertains to the mandate and mission statement of Huronia Museum.

1.3  It will also incorporate any or all measures taken by the Museum staff to further assist in the acquisition of knowledge including the opinions and assistance of visiting scholars, interested members of the public and other sources for any kind of information that would further the public’s knowledge about the collections and related disciplines represented in the museum.

1.4  Research will be conducted to proved the community with verification of the accuracy of the collection as is presented to the community in the form of exhibition, educational programming and in publication. Research will expand the information base about the history of Huronia and its people with the purpose of increasing staff and community knowledge to better preserve the collection and collective memory of the region.

1.5  Huronia Museum is committed to demonstrating a willingness and commitment to respond to public inquiries and will take every opportunity to encourage involvement in the Museum.

1.6  Huronia Museum has the responsibility to present the information revealed during research in an ethical and sensitive manner to also ensure the museum is compliant with all municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

1.7  Copyright of research conducted by staff and volunteers which is produced as a part of the Huronia Museum’s research program remains property of the Huronia Museum.

1.8  It is understood that Huronia Museum also has the responsibility to protect its collection and research resources for future generations which may result in some pieces from the collection being inaccessible. The museum will not expose any sensitive research materials to hazards which could present themselves during research.

2.      Board of Directors Responsibility

2.1  The Board of Directors will consider the allocation of resources towards the care and maintenance of research materials as a part of their annual budgeting process. This will ensure that the appropriate resources to support research at Huronia Museum are available to be effective as a community museum for the citizens it serves.

3.      Staff Responsibility

3.1  It will be the Curator’s responsibility to establish priorities for the research of the collections and communicate the research plans to the Executive Director for inclusion in the Museum’s annual work plan. Work plans as they relate to the Board of Directors as a part of the Executive Directors regular written reports.

3.2  Research which is conducted will provide accurate, documented and thorough information for exhibits, educational programming and publication which will ensure the integrity of the museums efforts to collect, educate, preserve and exhibit the community history.

3.3  All research inquiries are to be directed to the Curator. The Curator will be available for public inquiry at least one day per week.

3.4  The Curator will determine with the Executive Director, if need be, if a research inquiry may be completed for external researchers in a reasonable amount of time.

3.5  Letters of request will be submitted to the Board for prior approval of access and costs me be levied if the researcher requires inordinate amounts of time. Accreditation should accompany each request as should a stated purpose for the planned research.

The Curator will assess all applications and credentials from external researchers wishing to work the museum’s collections for research purposes and make a recommendation for associated fees.

3.6  The Curator will secure, in writing, the acknowledgement of Huronia Museum in works completed by external researchers who access the museum’s collections.

3.7  The Curator is ultimately responsible for determining risk to the museum’s collection and resource materials.

3.8  The Curator will ensure that all staff, volunteers and external researchers who have access to the museum’s collections and research materials receive adequate training in handling collections or, if required, do so under the supervision of a trained staff member.

3.9  Huronia Museum staff will adhere to municipal, provincial and federal legislative requirements that have an impact on research activites and products (exhibit and educational programming). The included copyright, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy legislation.



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