Daughters of Rebeka, Waubaushene, Unknown Date

Can you help the museum to identify these women from the Waubaushene chapter of the Daughters of Rebeka?

Thanks to Neil Tucker, Carol Archer, Pam King, Sally Howe & Judy we have;

1 unknown, 2 Leona Brown, 3 Bernice Wilson, 4 Fern (Mrs. John) Rosburough, 5 Mrs. Mona Duncliffe, 6 Mrs. Gouett, 7 Gertrude Wilson, 8 Bea Brady or Hazel Skelton (need a positive ID for this one), 9 Pat Athron. Still missing first names and number1

Two More Photos in Need of Identities

I am posting two photos from Huronia Museum’s collection of some young hockey players, none of whom have been identified. I hope someone can help. The photo of the little boys in green uniforms dates to 1982-1983, and that of the boys in red 1978-79.