Horrell Home

This house was once the home of John Box Horrell, a leading politician and dry goods merchant. Horrell came to Midland in 1879, and opened a store at the corner of King St. and Hugel Ave., which sold an array of dry goods, groceries, crockery, shoes and boots, clothing and household furnishings. From 1883-1878 he acted as Reeve of the village of Midland, and was elected Midland’s first mayor when it became a town in 1878. He held this position until 1897. By all accounts a warm, kind and popular businessman, Horrell’s funeral procession in 1900 was attended by over 100 carriages and hundreds of pedestrians.

1999 0022 0016 Horrell Staff

Staff photo of the J.B. Horrell Department store, about 1907, Midland’s leading general store. Back row, Left to right: William Worrell (delivery), Fred Horne (shoes), Joseph Dobson (bookkeeper), Jack Armsrtong (dry goods), Jack Berry (groceries), Victor G. Edwards (groceries), Robert Dobson. Front Row: Miss Clute, Miss Catherine Piggott ( later Mrs. J McDowell), Digby Horrell (Head of Firm), Miss Tina Ferrier Simpson, _____ Carruthers (Groceries).

1947 0318 0001 JB Horrell Store 1880

The original J.B. Horrell Dry Goods store on King St. in Midland.

1947 0268 0006 JB Horrell

J.B. Horrell

1947 0144 0006 Horrell Block

The expanded J.B. Horrell store on King St. in Midland.

3 thoughts on “Horrell Home

  1. would you have a photo of the Horrell house? The descriptive is the house on Fifth, but the photos are of the business on King. This entire tour concept is wonderful!! thanks.

  2. Nicole: My name is Edward Hagen And I recently found a 2 cents aluminum token of The Horrell store on King Street. I have a cottage on 13 Waterside Drive Port Mcnicoll. I will take a photo of the house and send it to You. My e-mail is ehagen@kw.igs.net. I realize that you posted the note 3 years ago. Hope to hear from you. Ed

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