Jeffery Block

The Jeffery Block, as this building is known, was completed in 1901 and housed the hardware business of F. W. Jeffery & Sons. The second storey of the building was the home of the local Y. M. C. A., while the top floor was out fitted for the Odd Fellows Lodge meeting rooms. The third floor was also used for a time as the High School quarters until the completion of its building in 1904.
The Block now houses an antique and collectibles shop called The Crows Nest and the offices of the local MP, Bruce Stanton.

2004 0083 0040 King St

The lower part of King St., near the intersection with Hugel Avenue. The Jeffery Block is on the left side of the photo. Jeffery’s Hardware occupies the lower floor of the block.

1947 0144 0018 Jeffery Block_b

The Jeffery block, at the corner of King St. and Dominion Ave.

2012 0013 0019 Midland Fire 1950, Spikers Barber Shop, Park's Feed Store, George Dudley's Office

A 1950 fire beside the Jeffery Block, damaged Spiker’s barber shop and the Midland Flour and Feed.

Jeffrey Block001

Advertising envelope from Jeffrey Hardware.

2004 0013 0649

Advertising Calendaer from Jeffrey Hardware C.1945. Calender’s were a popular advertising medium. everyone needed one in the house. Various pictures were used to appeal to their customers including babies, puppies, glamorous women, and in this on, scenes of exotic places, Edinburgh Castle.

3 thoughts on “Jeffery Block

  1. I think the reference to the Jeffrey Block should read the corner of King and Dominion, not King and Hugel….the store later became Georgian Bay Hardware (where I work during high school) and later the Crow’s Nest.

    • Thanks so much for noticing that. It’s great to know that people are enjoying this project. I have made the correction. I suspect it was carry over from the previous picture of the Jeffery Block which was take from King and Hugel.

    • Now that the Crow’s Nest is closing which is very sad after being an icon in Midland for 41 years, it brought back memories of trying to remember what was there before the Crow’s Nest. I remembered a hardware store that had one of the most spectacular moose heads on the pillar just as you walked in the front doors; it was absolutely awesome especially as a young girl going in there with her parents. I am so happy that you responded with the Georgian Bay Hardware name; brings it all back. Thank you.

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