Midland Public Library

The impressive limestone structure which now houses the library was actually built in 1913 as Midland’s first post office, with customs and excise offices on the second floor. In 1963 the post office, needing more space, moved to its new home on Dominion Avenue and the beautiful limestone building sat empty for 3 years. Many residents felt the building should be torn down to make way for more revenue producing premises but, in 1966, it was thankfully agreed to move the already overcrowded library to the old post office. In the more than 45 years since’ the move the library has undergone many changes and repairs, including a large expansion in 2010 keeping it an important part of Midland life.
Setting your watch by the clock tower would be inadvisable as the 4 faces do not always agree.

986 20 03-29 Post Office Midland

The Midland Public Library, formerly the Midland Post office, at the Corner of King st. and Elizabeth st.. This is the building prior to the new addition.

1964 0012 0002 Midland Post office-Library

A view of the limestone structure from the site of the current Midland Cultural Centre.

1991 0001 0249 Midland post office

A view of the Former Midland Post Office and current Midland Public Library from the side. King St. is in the foreground.

2004 0013 0520 Post Office midland

Souvenir teacup with The Post Office of Midland Ontario. The Museum has many souvenir dishes commemorating various sites within Huronia.

1995 0059 0002

Construction workers in front of the current Midland Public library.

1996 0002 0115

Postal employees in front of the Midland Public Library in its incarnation as the Midland Post Office.

One thought on “Midland Public Library

  1. In the photo of the construction workers, Is there any information regarding names. My Great grandfather was on the construction of the library, Little lake park stairs and stone work, The shrine and a few cobble stone houses around the town. He lived in the cobble stone house at the end of King st where the motel now stands, My Grandmother gave me a similar photo with him in it but could not identify him in the photo but knows he is in photo. (My grandmother is 95). His name MR. Miller
    Thanks Steven Bell (Honorary member of the founders of Midland)

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