St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church

In 1881, a wooden church was constructed on this site to house Midland’s first Roman Catholic parish, allowing worshippers to attend Mass in their own community, rather than travelling to Penetanguishene. The permanent stone structure was begun in 1912 with the laying of the cornerstone, and construction was completed two years later. On Christmas Eve 1986, the church interior was destroyed by fire. With community-wide support, it was reconstructed and re-dedicated in 1988.


The bells arrive for the bell tower at St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church

St. Margaret's Roman Catholic Church (Left)

St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church (Left)

1987 0005 0001 St margaret Corner stone

Laying the Cornerstone of St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic church.

2004 0013 1340

After the fire on Christmas Eve, 1986, at St. Margaret’s The roof and steeple were destroyed along with the interior.

2004 0013 1335012

A view of the interior of the church after being cleaned up.

1998 0061 1750009

A front view of St. Margaret’s during the reconstruction fundraiser.

1998 0061 1751003

A year after the fire, St. Margaret’s has a new roof.

2004 0013 0505 Hugel Ave Midland

A souvenir dish of St. Margaret’s. The dish says “Catholic Church, Hugel Avenue, Midland Ontario”. The Huronia has many such souvenir dishes from the Huronia area in its collection.

1995 0001 0076

St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church, c.unknown.


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