The Frazer House

This two story house is believed to have been built in 1856 by Samuel Frazer, a descendent of one of the area’s earliest settlers. It has been renovated and some original features have been altered, though successive owners have been careful to retain the character of the house. Outside of its age and historical significance, the building is noted not only for its line and symmetry, but also for the builder’s unusual use of log construction in a house of this size. The Home is found on the corner of King St. and Galloway Blvd. and is now home to the Heritage Animal Hospital of Midland.

Samuel Frazer002

Drawing of the Frazer house, for a couple who lived their after the Frazer’s.

Samuel Frazer001

Samuel Frazer, c.unknown.

Samuel Frazer003

Photo of an oil painting of the original Frazer homestead.

1998 0061 1721

The Fraser House, prior to it’s use as the Heritage Animal Hospital.

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