Agenda for Feb. 24th Special Members’ Meeting

from the mailing to members

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008, 1:00 PM at the Huronia Museum

1) Welcome

2) Call the meeting to order

3) Blessings

4) Approval of the Agenda

5) Presentation of the Board on the Future of the Museum

a) Challenges and Concerns for the Museum – Excerpts from Key Documents: the 1993 study, 2003 study and 2007 interim reports from the Feasibility Study. Note the final Feasibility Report will be available after February 11, 2008 and we will have excerpts at the meeting;

b) Trends in Huronia Museum Statistics

c) Choices for the Future of the Huronia Museum – A Discussion Paper for Members – Highlights of Recent Activities of the Board and Recommended Future Directions;

6) Debate and Vote on Resolution on Collections Policy

7) Debate and Vote on Resolution on Museum Expansion Plans

8. Debate and Vote on Five Resolutions Requested by Mr. Rod Ferguson

Meeting Ends

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