Portraits of the Andersons – 1854

The Huronia Museum has received on loan two wonderful historic portraits from 1854 of Thomas Gummersall Anderson and his wife Betsy Hamilton Anderson, painted by William Sawyer, portraitist from Kingston, Ontario. The portraits were likely painted in Cobourg. Anderson was hired by the Indian Department of the British Army in 1815 and for the next 50 years was responsible for Indian policy in Upper Canada. He established the first Indian reserve at Coldwater, Ontario in 1830. The HM is assembling a collection of his papers and ephemera related to this period. Among the letters is one describing the events of the 1837 Rebellion.

The paintings are on generous loan from Margot Ann Beaumont Maddison-MacFadyen (nee Hewer) of Victoria, B.C., a relative of Anderson. The Huronia Museum is extremely grateful for this loan and encourages any other members of the Anderson famiy to consider donating their artifacts and materials to the Huronia Museum. 
Betsy Hamilton Anderson

Thomas Gummersall Anderson

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