Memorial Crosses – Pilot Officer L. D. Bowman

Memorial Crosses – Pilot Officer L. D. BowmanThe Huronia Museum recently acquired memorial crosses from World War II that were given to the family of a Midland man. L. B. Bowman.

Boston IIi bomber edit bw for hm blogPilot Officer Lloyd Douglas Bowman was a crew member of a Boston III light attack bomber # Z-2283 (also known in US Forces as the Douglas A-20 Havoc) that failed to return from a mission on 10 June 1942 and presumed lost to enemy action. Three other crew members were lost as well, two RAF and another RCAF crew member that was an American from New Jersey. Bowman was from Midland, Ontario. All four have no known grave and their names are found on the Runnymede Memorial. They were members of the 107th RAF Squadron.

Huronia Museum wishes to acknowledge the generosity of  Andy Fraser of Hawkstone, ON and L.D. Bowman of Coldwater, ON for all their assistance and generosity in seeing these objects coming to the collections of Huronia Museum.


The silver cross with ribbon was given to Bowman’s mother, Levinia Bowman. The silver cross with bar was given to his wife, Ethel.


Bowman’s decorations: left to right: 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, War Medal 1939-45


Bowman’s flight log


Bowman’s diary


Consolation card from the KIng


Bowman’s uniform badges


photographs by Huronia Museum Communications Volunteer William J. Gibson

6 thoughts on “Memorial Crosses – Pilot Officer L. D. Bowman

  1. I am very happy to see this acknowledgement of our deceased soldiers… especially L.D. Bowman. I knew His wife very well, as she was my mother-in-law. She waited for years and years, hoping he was alive, even if he was a captive, but to no avail…She is gone now, (R.I.P.), but her only wish was that he could meet his only child, a son, who was named after him. I am glad to see him honoured at this museum, and I know she would be very proud….

  2. Dear Judy,
    Thank you for your kind sentiments regarding L.D. Bowman. He is one of many soldiers, sailors and airmen whom the museum is attempting to honour as their medals and memories move along in time. We need to preserve their sacrifice and their story. So we try but there is always so much to do.
    Thank you again for your comments.
    They are very much appreciated.

    Jamie Hunter Curator

  3. this is really neat! thank you for sharing this great life with the rest of the world! i thank his family for his amazing service to your beautiful Canada.

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  6. Always thinking about him…..he was my dads father whom he never met….I’ve inly heard stories about him.
    His name has been carried on with pride to my first born son Tristan Lloyd Bowman (born March 7th 2009)
    We talk about him and remember him and miss him dearly……
    Thanks for everything!
    Lots and lots of love

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