Midland T Store Jug

The museum has acquired a rare piece of Midland retail history. It is a smaller sized glazed earthenware jug from the Midland T Store. The store offered dry goods and local fresh produce. The store was owned and operated by John Box Horrell. He came to Midland about 1881 and opened the MTS in 1885. He was elected as the first mayor of Midland in 1890. Horrell died suddenly in the spring of 1900. His was the largest funeral attended in Midland to that point in its history.

smaller jug

This smaller version of the Tea Store jug joins a larger version of the jug which has been in the museum’s collection for many years. The larger jugs are fairly common. Both jugs would have had a cork or wooden stopper. It is likely that the jugs were made in Toronto or Brantford.

larger version of jug

The museum would like to thank Bev Day, former Midland councillor, for his efforts to monitor ebay for auction items with a local historical association that the museum might be interested in acquiring.

two jugs together

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