Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe February 1955 8th to the 15th


Marine Railway State “Shocking”
Lloyd Letherby, MLA for Simcoe East calls for the provincial house to bring pressure on federal authorities to remedy the situation at the Big Chute. Originally able to handle craft up to 35 tons then reduced to 25 tons and now restricted to 15 tons, the marine railway is creating a bottleneck in the system.

Major Public Works Program to Provide Jobs for Unemployed
Alderman Charles Onley tells council there are federal grant monies available for slum clearance. Town engineer R.M. White unveils plan to open up Bryant Street from Olive to William to create 23 town owned lots.

2006 0020 0964

Queen of Hearts, Vivian Mosley seated, is pictured with her court after winning the Midland event Thursday night.  Bonnie Bannan, Jane Bell, Donna Brandon and Margaret Ambeau.

2006 0020 1000

Penetanguishene District High School “Queen of Hearts” winner Patricia Martin, runners up Jeanne Sauvé, Hazel Boucher and Pat Desroches.

2006 0020 0995

Queen for A Night

Midland Y`s Men`s Club hold their annual mixed spiel and vote Mrs. Charles Vent “Queen“ of the event, pinning the corsage is Ray Trew.

 2006 0020 0993

St. Mark’s Players Guild rehearsing “His Name Was Aunt Nellie” Joan Hanna, Esther Brighty, Murray Pashler, Howard Smyth and Grace McMullen director.

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