Huronia Museum Announces Ambassador Pass for Residents of Midland

Huronia Museum is pleased to announce the launch of its “Ambassador Pass”  for residents of Midland, Ontario.

As of February 2015, individuals who reside in Midland, Ontario can visit Huronia Museum free of charge when they visit with friends and family from out of town.   Residents can bring a piece of identification with their Midland address and will be admitted free of charge.

Huronia Museum is open 5 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm until May 16, 2015.   The museum will be open 7 days a week as of May 16, 2015.

Admission prices are normally $10 for adults; $7 for seniors; $6 for youth.  Group rates are available. For further information on Huronia Museum please contact the museum at 705-526-2844

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