Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe February 1955 16th to 23rd

Police to get two way radio system; Midland council to apply to the Department of Transport for a frequency to be used by the Police Department for a two way radio system.

2006 0020 0976(3)

Bernard Willette finds 1896 dog tag; working up the soil for a lawn at his new home on Seventh Street Mr. Willette came across one of the earlier dog tags issued in Midland. No dog. (One of these recently sold at a local antique shop)
2006 0020 1004

PMCL bus slides off the road; No injuries were reported among the passengers as  the bus stayed upright in the ditch along Hwy 27 just south of Penetang.

YMCA Camp Kitchikewana registration hits all time high; 60 applications for this summer have been turned away due to lack of facilities. Win Smith, “Y” secretary said there would be a daily enrollment of between 200 and 215 at the boys and girls camps during July and August this year.

Photo #1.  1955, from The Midland Free Press collection.

Canadian singles badminton champ Don Smythe visits Midland; badminton has become popular since the formation of the Garrison Badminton Club associated with the new Armouries. Members Grace Edgar, left, and Helen Laidlaw get autographs from the professional. (This is the second photo of Miss Edgar in this series. Many Midlanders knew Grace as Mrs. Miles Blackhurst and know that her friendly nature and that big smile were part of the local scene until her passing in 2014.)

Urge conservation courses in public and high school; renowned local conservationist C. A. Walkinshaw speaking to the Midland Kiwanis Club advocated the teaching of conservation to our young people.                                ” Enforcement of game laws is not enough. The habits of birds and wildlife must be studied and protected. Trees must be planted and the public must be made aware of the danger of failing to conserve our natural resources.”


2006 0020 0985

District Orange Lodge of East Simcoe elect new officers; pictured at the Orange Lodge on Dominion Ave. are front row, Fred Norwood, Midland, tyler; Lennox Vasey, Port McNicoll, Deputy District Master; Joseph Leeking, Midland, Wor. Master of the District Lodge; Lewis Todd, Midland, chaplain; back row,  George Marchant, RR1 Midland, recording secretary; Robert Davis, Midland, marshal; Mike Kelly, Port McNicoll, first lecturer; Jack Crooke, Midland, second lecturer; absent Albert Black, Midland. Mr. Marchant has been the recording secretary for 26 years.

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