Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe March1st to March 7th 1955 (Double click photos to enlarge)

March In Like A Lamb
March came in like a frisky lamb yesterday in the North Simcoe district. A mild spell which set in at the weekend continues to whittle away the deep snow, which several veterans say is the heaviest to blanket the area in some years.

Two Anglers Near Victims of Coal Gas
Harold Fox, 121 Elizabeth St. and Alex Smith of 101 Bay St. spent most of the morning in their ice fishing shack off the Century Coal Dock, “I’m beginning to feel drowsy, I think I will pack up and go home” Fox told his companion. As soon as the two stepped outside they both became dizzy and it was some time before they were able to make their way to the coal dock office for help. Gas from the soft coal they were burning had collected in the enclosed shack and nearly overcome the two men.

Loblaws Buy Town Hall for New Store
Loblaws has paid the corporation of Midland $45,000.00 for the present town hall property at King and Elizabeth Streets, the deal closes at the end of December.

2006 0020 1064
 A veteran and two new masters.
Veteran Captain Robert Mitchell of Port McNicoll, instructor with the Midland Marine School  and Donald H. MacFarland of Port McNicoll, left, John Simpell of Midland on the right. Both men have received their masters ticket in recent examinations.
2006 0020 1069
Contestants in the Midland Lion’s Club senior oratorical contest after delivering their prepared and impromptu addresses in the Midland District High School auditorium. Barbara Johnston, Martine Gouett, Barbara Leclair and Margaret Lavigne. Back row, Dean Nicholls, Ken Grant, Wayne Parker and Guy Johnstone. Martine Gouett and Ken Grant were the winners.
2006 0020 0979
CNR 7470 lays helpless behind the CSL elevator while local efforts to right her have failed and a crane will be brought in from Allandale. This locomotive was built for the Grand Trunk Railway in 1921 by the Canadian Locomotive Company as their 1795. It is an 0-6-0 type which is intended for heavy switching assignments such as moving long cuts of heavily laden grain cars. The unit still exists (2015) in working order as an excursion engine at the Conway Scenic Railroad at North Conway, New Hampshire. Follow the link to see her operating in 2015.

Heavier wheat export sales result in all bulk carriers fitting out for spring rush.
Heavy rush of grain to the bay ports is likely to ease local unemployment. Unlike last year when local elevators were relatively full this spring will see almost all local elevators empty. Last year longshoremen and mariners in this district had a slim year with many of the ships laid up most of the season.
2006 0020 1008
 Winners of the Kelvin Wilcox memorial trophy was this team from the Little League Senior OHA playoff. The overall winners were the Windsor Spitfires beating Owen Sound 3-2 in sudden death overtime. Midland team, left rear, Gordon Reid, Don Wilcox, Coach Newton Henderson, John Bourgeois, Frank Holmes, Harvey Benoit, Tom Brodeur, Rev. J.L. Self, John Armstrong and coach Charlie Scott. Front, Barry Crawford, Bob Hendrikson, Buzz Deschamps, Larry Bonneville and Terry Dumais.

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