Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe 1955 March 8th to the 15th

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TV Comes to Town This Week
Entertainment you couldn’t buy for $10.00 a night now in your own home at 12 cents a day. See and hear it first in the Midland Armory this Friday and Saturday then in your own home. The Midland Rotary Club TV Show will showcase the local TV dealers, the new Tower TV system and raise money for the new hospital. Admission 50 cents for adults 25 cents for children with special shows for elementary school children.
2006 0020 1032
2006 0020 1028

Crowd of people seated at the Midland Armory watching televisions on display by numerous local TV dealers. Advertising banners on the wall for James Bath selling Fleetwood TV, Herb Beauchamp Radio & Television and Eplett’s TV Sales & Service. New Tower TV cables being installed on Yonge Street by Bell Telephone under contract.
2006 0020 1647
Hundreds attend 50th Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Larmand of Victoria Harbour. Mr. Larmand (1881 t0 1965) was a river log driver for the Georgian Bay Lumber Company, carpenter and CPR elevator worker. Mrs. Larmand was Clarina Bressette (1886 to 1974) daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Bressette, farmer in the Port Severn area. They were married in the Roman Catholic Church in Port Severn, “It looked just as old then as it does now” said Mr. Larmand. The couple had four boys and four girls.

Local Union Leaders Support Fund Drive
James Dempsey, president of the International Longshoremen’s Association pledges the officers and members are ready to support the fundraising drive to the best of their ability. Lachie Calder, secretary of Georgian Bay Lodge No. 976, AFL Brotherhood of Railway Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees and Steamship Clerks added, “Our members are fully behind the new hospital”. Maurice Latour president of local 4696, United Steel Workers of America says ” we are right behind you in the forthcoming campaign to raise funds for the hospital.

2006 0020 10372006 0020 1059

Car dealers represented at the annual Jaycees car show at the Midland Armory. Gordon Boyd, Lloyd Murday, Alvin “Cuppy” Gropp, Ray Smith, Bev Keefe and Harold Warman. Mr. Smith is the president of the JC’s.
2006 0020 1058

Fresh from an upset victory over the Aurora Bears in a five game series, Midland Red Wings prepare for a seven game series against the Collingwood for the Georgian Bay group championship. Garnet & Clare Armstrong and Ernie Cowden.

2006 0020 1116
Intact after winning a five game series with the Parry Sound Shamrocks, the Midland Monarchs prepare for a seven game final series with Meaford. Front, Don Scott, Charlie Scott, Morley Spiker, Chuck Edwards, Babe Deschamps and Murray Yorke. Back, manager Jack Vallier coach, Jim O’Hearn, Jim Green, Bruce Hook, Marty Desroches, Pete Switzer, Ray Collings, Jack LaChapelle and Stan Ritchie. Stick boy is Bob Jackson.

2006 0020 1107
A group of Midland Captains meeting at the Georgian Hotel to plan fundraising among mariners to aid in the addition to St. Andrew’s Hospital. Captains, Harvey Ambeau, Dick Simpell, Don Wilson, Frank Harpell, Cliff Armstrong, Ward White, and Dalton Hudson.

Daniell’s Welding Service receives contract from the Hydro Electric Power Commission (Hydro One) to construct two scows to be used in connection with the extension of hydro services through the Georgian Bay and Muskoka regions. The total cost will be around $10,000.0 and will employ five men. One will be a landing scow, 35 x 12 x 3 feet in size, the other will be 40 x 20 x 4 feet and will be used to construct a bunkhouse to accommodate staff working up the shore.
2006 0020 1050 2006 0020 1051
Sixth Street School students and staff hold an open house to celebrate Education Week, Grade 3 student Paul Ruston and teacher Mrs. F. Marshall point to welcome sign.
Marjorie Blyth, Gail Kettle, Janice Gilson, Beverly Scott and Darlene Lowes, senior students greetings visitors.
2006 0020 1042
Johnny Simpson, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Simpson, Russell Street, is too young for school but finds the Indian display very interesting. Grade 2 teacher Mrs. Robert (Florence) Bell looks on.

  • Budget of Ontario Department of Lands & Forests includes funds to develop 1300 acre Tiny Marsh as a bird protection program.
  • Million dollar addition to Oak Ridges hospital in provincial budget for Penetang
  • WGR-TV of Buffalo to broadcast Rotary TV Show this weekend at Armouries – You may be on TV
  • George Dudley remembers seeing closed circuit TV demonstration between Walker Stores and the Capitol Theater 20 years ago
  • Runaway car kills 5 year old local girl on Penetang main street
  • Famed 1833 grist mill in Coldwater switches to electric power after Hurricane Hazel
  • Tiny Township clamps down on improper garbage containers, one warning will be given then both container and garbage will go in the truck
  • Owen Sound in negotiations to sell their town hall to Loblaws

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