Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe 1955 March 24th to the 31st

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2006 0020 1105

Toronto newspapers are dropped off daily at this intersection, King and Yonge and their wrappers leave a mess. Sign indicates that this is also the junction of Highway 27 and 12. Highway 27 had a second termination in Penetang. Note the row of fine brick homes which have now been either moved, torn down or converted to businesses such as Compusolve.

2006 0020 10232006 0020 10242006 0020 1088

Superintendent of the Midland Hospital for a record thirty years, Miss Emma Baker was honoured by many of the 115 nurses who have graduated from her classes during a banquet held at the Midland YMCA on Saturday night. It was also Miss Baker’s eightieth birthday. Second photo; Mrs. Clarence Weeks, Mrs. William Jones and Mrs. Leslie Dunlop. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Dunlop were part of the last graduating class at St. Andrews School of Nursing in 1942. First photo; includes Mrs. O. M. Steer of Peterborough in the middle and Mrs. Charles Bowie of Midland, both women graduated from the class of 1912 at the Midland Penetang Marine Hospital.
Third photo; sixty of Miss Baker’s “girls” who came out to honour her.

2006 0020 1072

Skaters dressed as monkeys for the Midland Lions Club ice revue called “Tropical Heat” to be staged at the Arena Gardens Friday and Saturday. Shirley Todd, Elizabeth Simmonds, Barbara Nicholls and Darlene Lowes.
2006 0020 1075

“Tropical Heat” will highlight these five performers. Senior quartet at back, Gail Schelgel, Mary Ann Nicholson, Donna Kinnear, Bev Scott and Mary Lynn Boyd in front.

2006 0020 1079
Seven hundred people braved bad weather to attend a night of  barber shop harmony sponsored by the Midland chapter of the  SPEBSQSA (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America), at Midland Armory, Saturday night. Midland chapter chorus is on stage directed by Ray Trew.
2006 0020 1080
SPEBSQSA concert participants, the Midland “Tonettes” perform; Mrs. Vern Sweeting, Mrs. Ray Trew, Mrs. Charles Rutherford and Mrs. Milt Taggart.

2006 0020 1081

Sixth Street School’s kindergarten band competes in the ninth annual Y`s Mens Music Festival. Leader of the band in front with baton is Jean Drinkle, beside her is Bonnie Taylor. Back row, Walter Blythe, Craig Simpson, Jimmy Preston, Wendy Walton and Jay Ellis.

  •  33 municipalities from Bruce, Grey, Dufferin and Simcoe send 150 delegates to meet in Midland to further the new provincial government industrial development plan
  • Coldwater Dairy has been sold by E. G. (Tommy) Barber to Robert Moore of Burlington. Andrew Dunlop started the dairy from his home on Eplett Street with one $20.00 cow in the thirties.
  • Anatole Charlesbois had his car stolen on Main Street and Constable Mel Gattie found the car and apprehended the thief in less than an hour
  • Brule fined $1000.00 plus costs for serving minors
  • Keewatin crew for 1955; Capt. E. H. Ridd, Midland; 1st mate, A. Campbell, Port McNicoll; 2nd mate, J. L. Delahey, Victoria Harbour; 3rd mate, W. J. Estey, Port McNicoll
  • old switching engine retired years ago to be displayed beside the C. Beck Co. Ltd. office in Penetang
  • Royal Commission on shipping to visit Midland to hear about the importance of ship building and shipping to this area
  • Seven more miles of cable TV wire will soon be strung in central Midland by Bell Telephone staff
  • Roads were closed for several days in Tay, Tiny and Matchedash due to the recent snow storm and gale force winds
  • Jerome Charlesbois of Lafontaine was the big winner with three trophies in French oral and written examinations held at Penetang Public School
  • West side schools win 3 of 5 games from Regent School in the finals of the Midland Public School’s Hockey tournament
  • Warren Jacklin and Richard Moffat leave the teaching staff in Hanover to join MPDHS staff
  • Ralph Beverly Lynn of Penetang was one of 22 North American students awarded a $6,000.00 medical science scholarship

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