Have you met our judges yet

Judges 2015  copy

So… have you met our judges for Saturday’s Picnic of the Living Dead?

Come as your favorite undead to win a prize basket with ghoulish treats for everyone.

Prize#1 Best Undead Picnicker (Adult)
Prize #2 Best Undead Picnicker (Youth)
Prize #3 Most Talented Zombie Picknicker (any age)
Prize #4 Take you picture and upload it to social media with the hashtag #hmzombie to win!

And now for our judges!

Tom Davidson is a member of Huronia Player’s and appears in the title roll of the upcoming original comedy, Mr. Everything written by local playwright, Brendan Main. Mr. Everything opens November 13, 2105.

Barb Rowlandson,
Barb Rowlandson, also known affectionately as “Buttertart Barb”, is regular at community events. Often found in the role of the organizer who brings the talent and the judges together. This time Barb gets to sit at the judges table to find our best dressed and most talented undead in our community.

Last but not least…

Matt Downer
Matt Downer is the owner/operator of Nerdvana Comics & Collectible at the Georgian View Shoppes in downtown Midland. Nervana will be participating in Halloween Comic Fest on Oct. 31 where you can get a free comic!

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