Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – October 17th to 23rd 1955

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 2006 0020 1436 

Junior Choir of St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Midland, with new vestments for their annual children’s day service. Organist and choir leader, Mrs. Spence Richardson at the front left and Rev. G. R. Stanley, rector, on the right.

Huronia Museum would appreciate your help in naming the members of the choir.

 2006 0020 1434

 Edward Lattimore was born on a farm in South Gower in 1890 and began working on a track gang for the CPR at age 17, earning 12 cents an hour. He advanced to operating the Ledgerwood which was a machine used for unloading fill and ballast along the railway. Coming to Port McNicoll in 1909 he unloaded most of the fill used to lay the track and build up the docks. When the elevator opened in 1910 he worked there as a labourer and eventually became the loading foreman. After a decade in West St. John NB as superintendent of that elevator he returned to Port McNicoll working in the power house until his retirement on September 30th of this year. “I remember men working 48 hours steady unloading the boats, largely by hand,” Mr. Lattimore recalled.

 2006 0020 1428

 The MacDonald Creek culvert on Concession 2, Old Survey, Tiny Township, between lots 85 and 86 which was washed out by Hurricane Hazel on October 16th, 1954 is finally repaired, a year later, at a cost of $18,000.00.

“This was a favourite place of mine. The water appears to be running towards the photograper which would put him on the north side of the road, the creek is running down to the Wye River. Behind him is a very large fill with a concrete box culvert large enough to walk through. It was constructed in 1910 by the GTR to carry its line from Elmvale to Midland. There is an excellent photo of the culvert and the embankment being created on page 18 of Bonnie Reynold’s book, “Wyebridge”. Over the years I have picnicked in the deep ravine behind the embankment with my family, waded in the pool below the culvert, picked morels and fiddleheads, fished for chub and specks and shared it with the cattle that were pastured there. I was told that the property belonged to Pearl Goldsmith.”

 2006 0020 1419

 This old concession booth in Little Lake Park held memories for thousands of residents and visitors who have lined up for french fries, hot dogs, ice cream and other treats over the years. Now it is being torn down to make way for a new cement block building by proprietor John Deakos, seen on the roof at right, hoping for completion in the spring. Note the weigh scale on the left, it kept its place in front of the new building. John Deakos Jr. I am told is also in the photo.

 2006 0020 1533

 Boring three inch holes in 10″ by 10″ Elm beams is Dick Moore center and Jim O’Hearn on the right. Bob Wilson, foreman, is on the left. Ninety four timbers are needed to go around the government dock at the bottom of King Street, sixty are 10 feet long the rest are 12 feet long. Timbers are being installed near the water line on the side of the dock to act as rub rails or bumpers.

 2006 0020 1543

 2006 0020 1544

 Mr. Robert Cumming, Mrs. & Mr. Lloyd Dunlop at the opening of their new store in Moonstone. Over 700 people attended the grand opening, pleased that the Dunlop’s had elected to rebuild. Their store contained the post office and was considered the heart of the surrounding community.

2006 0020 1542

 Moonstones oldest resident, Robert Cumming, 82, is seen cutting the ribbon to open the new Dunlops Furniture and Appliance store. Mr. Cummings gave Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Dunlop the keys to his own home last November 7th when their home and store was destroyed by fire. A retired carpenter Mr. Cumming had hung the doors when the original store was remodelled in 1937 and again on this new building.

 2006 0020 1551

 Signing up for a new season with the Midland Intermediate “A” hockey team is Roy “Mutt” Colling of Penetang, a veteran of Midland squads, Vic Grigg, also of Penetang, former pro star who will help coach the club this winter;  and “Chuck” Woods, former captain of the Barrie Flyers, who did his puck chasing for Toledo in the American Associaltion last year. Looking on at left is Murray Yorke member of last years team and Hec Adams, club secretary.

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