Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – December 22nd to 31st 1956

2006-0020-1764Dec 24th, 1956, the Midland Penetang Advisory Committee of the CNIB held their annual Christmas party at the Midland YMCA, the young man is Doug MacMillan.

 2006-0020-2987 Sorting it out at the Midland Post Office are, C. R. (Chuck) Stelter, A. Marion and R. Mitchell. Ten extra staff were hired bringing the Christmas rush total to 27.

 2006-0020-2990 Amid a sea of cards, staff at the Midland Post Office had a busy time this week. Al Hennin, Clarence Dingman, R. White and postmaster W. F. Bourrie. (The employee on the right was cropped out of the photo in the newspaper.)

 2006-0020-2872 Waiting for Santa Claus, at the Y’s Men’s Christmas party for member’s children Tuesday night, Mary Jane Walton, 4, and Wendy Walton, 7, can hardly wait.

 2006-0020-2884 Waiting for Santa Claus, at the Y’s Men’s Christmas party for member’s children Tuesday night, Jimmy Courtemarche looks a little apprehensive. He is two and a half.

2006-0020-1763Dec 24th, 1956, at the Y’s Men’s Christmas party held at the Midland YMCA, Mrs. Cy “Sadie” Ney and daughter Geraldine, 2,  and brother Ricky, 6.

 2006-0020-3021 Half century of membership in Midland’s Caledonian Lodge, A. F. and A. M. was the reason for this happy gathering at St. Andrew’s Hospital last Sunday. J. J. Robins presented a veteran’s jubilee metal (50 year jewel) to R. G. Nesbitt, who at 94 is still able to smile his appreciation. Left to right, Gilmour Nesbitt, J. W. Bald, Capt. Ed Burke, Charles Flowers, Sidney Thompson and R. S. King.

 2006-0020-3011 Chris Brasher of London England is showing local doctor and twin brother Peter Brasher the gold medal he received in the 3,000 meter steeplechase at the Melbourne Olympics last month.

 2006-0020-3015 Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Brown and son Johnny, 3, are part of the many people who took advantage of the lack of snow on Boxing Day to enjoy the ice on Little Lake. Note the lack of snow in the background.

  • Ad: The best New Year’s Party is Always at the Parkside –  Music by Harold NcNamara and his band.
  • Notice: Canadian Steamship Lines –  Warning the C.S.L. tug “Tiffen” will be breaking ice in Midland, Port McNicoll and the Tiffen and Aberdeen wharfs.
  • There are two “First Baby” contests, one in Midland and one in Penetang. Penetang contestants will come from Penetang and Tiny Township, Midlands’ from Tay, Medonte, Matchedash and Baxter.
  • Ontario Department of Health suggests that Midland PUC seek financial and technical help from the newly formed Ontario Water Resources Commission regarding its municipal water supply. The Department feels that Georgian Bay is the long term answer to Midland’s water supply but not until a sewage treatment plant is installed. [Ultimately deep artesian wells would supply our drinking water]
  • A special Christmas edition of the County Herald is filled with Christmas and New Years greetings from nearly every local merchant, politician, professional and industry.
  • Did You Hear? The Midland Social Week. – Captain Dick Simpell of the S. S. Soreldoc is home for the winter. Captain Mel Buckland is also with his family for the winter months from his ship the S. S. Penetang. Captain Norman Donaldson from the S. S. Elgin and Captain G. Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise S. S. Gleneagles. Jack Simpell is home from the S. S. Goderich.
  • W. H. “Bill” Cranston, executive vice-president of the Shoe Corporation of Canada Ltd., told more than 350 employees of the firm at a Christmas dinner held at the Parkside Inn Wednesday, that their “family of employees” may increase by 100 persons next year.
  • New vehicle licence plates for 1957 will feature white numerals on a black background. The plates are made at the Ontario Reformatory in Guelph.
  • We published this Christmas menu from the Hotel Brulé previously, but it sounds too good not to do it again; –  Fruit Cocktail, Shrimp Cocktail, Royal Consommé, Celery Hearts with Stuffed Olives, Sweet Crunchy Pickles, Roast Young Turkey (sage dressing and cranberry sauce), Roast Domestic Goose (thyme dressing), Roast Long Island Duckling (with apple fritters), Baked Sugar Cured Ham (with fried pineapple ring), Creamed, Mashed or French Fried Potatoes, Mashed Turnips or Asparagus Tips, Steamed Christmas Plum Pudding (with caramel brandy sauce), Hot Mince Pie, Deep Apple Pie with Whipped Cream, Christmas Cake and Mixed Nuts, Vanilla Ice Cream, Tea Coffee or Milk.  $3.00
  • A blast furnace moved from Midland’s smelter in 1918 to Algoma Steel’s plant at Sault Ste. Marie is to undergo a major remodelling job after 38 years of service. The No. 4 blast furnace will get a $700,000.00 upgrade. In 38 years No. 4 has produced more than 4 million tons of pig iron.
  • For 42 years, beginning in 1913, sisters Mrs. M. P. Worden of Melville Sask. and Mrs. E. H. Piggott of Midland have been exchanging the same Christmas card. The little card only measures 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches and simply says “One of the happiest things about Christmas is you”. Each year they inscribe the date on it.
  • Edwards Specialty Shop announces that they will be closing all day Wednesday during January, February and March. [At this time many stores closed half days on Wednesdays]


One thought on “Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – December 22nd to 31st 1956

  1. It was great to read all the old news in and around Midland. It brought back many childhood memories. Thanks!

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