Day Five

Day Five
The first Photo and the caption below appeared on page 1 of the Midland Free Press on March 13th, 1959. The other photos were taken the same day and were not published. A tow truck from Petroff’s garage in Victoria is being used to move the slabs of ice. The ice is incredibly thick for the middle of March. It is unclear whether or not this ice was placed in the CPR Icehouse which can be seen on the opposite side of the slip, nearest the the end. In several of the photos a boat or barge is visible between the end of the slip and Methodist Island. Perhaps a tug or icebreaker.

Tractor mounted snow blower clears the snow beside the CSL freighter “Hochelaga” in front of Port McNicoll elevator before the ice cutting crew moves in to cut the ice into moveable blocks. Once the ice has been removed the freighter can be freed ready for her first spring trip.

Corrections and additional information is apprciated.

Photos courtesy of Huronia Museum (Free Press Collection) With thanks to Tom Barber.

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