Election Time

Elections were held every year for positions on Port McNicoll Council and School Board. These four photos appeared on various pages of the Free Press Herald, December 7th, 1956. All of these photos were taken within the Municipal Offices which was located On Davidson between Third and Fourth Avenues. The building faced Davidson, just below the cenotaph. Most of the men and women are identified, but your help is needed to identify some of the people in one photo for posterity.

The photos are captioned below.

2006 0020 2956 - Copy

Veterans of politics in Port McNicoll are pictured during nominations last Wednesday night. Clerk Treasurer B. J. Brownell, seated, clerk for 23 years was able to name Reeve Albert Calvert to his uncontested position for 1957, his ninth term in that office. Pg. 9

2006 0020 2955

Seven men have qualified for four council seats in Port McNicoll ensuring a lively election on December 17th. Cyril Larkin, George H. Burns, T. E. Lewis, Steve Thoms, Jack Fisher and seated Alec McCullagh. Absent was Jack Zummach. Pg. 10

2006 0020 2958

It will be an interesting election for the three seats on the Port McNicoll school board this year if more than three candidates come forward and a vote is needed. David Duncan and his son Bruce, who both work for the CPR,  have both qualified. Pg. 1

2006 0020 2957

Nominations for public office this year in Port McNicoll were held in the new office for the first time. Pg. 11

I’ve done my best to identify most of the people in this photo from other photos. Your help would be appreciated to name some of the others,

L to R Albert Calvert, Jack Fisher, George Burns, Cyril Larkin, Bruce Duncan, Unidentified, Lorne Saundercook, Dave Duncan, T. E. Lewis, Mrs. Edith (Joe) Calvert, Unidentified Obscured, Unidentified, John (Jack) Lever.


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