Press Release Huronia Museum Community Collections Stewardship Project May 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Thursday, May 15, 2018)

Huronia Museum is pleased to announce a Community Collections Stewardship Project in partnership with the Midland Sports Hall of Fame and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 80 Museum

Huronia Museum will be working closely with the volunteers of both the Midland Sports Hall of Fame and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 80 museum to bring museum standard practices to the management and care of these important community collections.

The museum will work cooperatively with the Midland Sports Hall of Fame and the Royal Canadian Legion Museum, Branch 80 to manage their collections which are held in public trust by these institutions.  The Huronia Museum does not wish to acquire the collections but to help these organizations to steward these collections, applying standard museum methodologies and policies, to ensure the longevity and safety of these important collections for the community.  Volunteers at both organizations will work alongside museum staff to learn standard museum practices of accessioning, cataloguing, managing a collections database and writing basic condition reports.

Huronia Museum has sought an opportunity to provide the resources for these organization for many years.  These organizations were successful in achieving the funding for this project through Heritage Canada’s Museums Assistance program.

The Ogemawahj Tribal Council is partnering with these organizations to provide staffing to the project and assist with the massive task of cataloguing and processing these collections.  This significant contribution of staffing the project will provide an opportunity for employment within the Ogemawahj Tribal Council communities and ensure that the these collections are processed in their entirety.

Huronia Museum looks forward to working with all three partners over the next year and sharing the museum’s services and skills to preserve these important community collections.

For further information on Huronia Museum and its special events please contact the Huronia Museum at 705-526-2844

Huronia Museum is a not-for-profit charity, which collects, preserves, exhibits and educates on the history of Huronia.

Contact information:
Huronia Museum
549 Little Lake Park Road,
Midland, ON L4R 4P4




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