Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – May 24th to 31st 1958

Click on photos to enlarge“WINE STEWARDS” — at the Roman dinner at MPDHS last Wednesday were these five slaves. Mixing the brew are front row, Terry Geere, Christian Rebhan, David Maheu; back row, Orland French, and Nelson Buttineau. 

Little Susan Brodeur, aged seven months, was a bit shy about facing the camera as sister Betty Ann, 10, showed her mother, Mrs. S. Brodeur, the puppet doll she made in the course of her Grade 4 work. The picture was taken during “open house” at St. Mary’s School, Victoria Harbour, last Wednesday. 

Victoria Harbour parents got a chance to see some of the work done by their children during “open house” at St. Mary’s School last week. Mrs. J. T. Vaillancourt and Mrs. Theo Bernard are seen above examining some skirts made by Grade 9 girls. Girls are, left to right, Bryde Bernard, Carol Roy, Margaret Cadeau and Celima Pelletier. 

Shop work done by boys of Grade 10 was admired by visitors to the “open house” held by St. Mary’s School, Victoria Harbour, last week. Left to right are Mrs. Charles Latondress, Mrs. J. T. St. Amand, Billy Asselin and Pat St. Amand.

Two persons lost their lives in this fire which gutted a Waubaushene home early Wednesday morning. Two dogs owned by the couple were also lost in the blaze. The house was located on Percy Street. 

Winning the Strathcona Efficiency Trophy was one of the highlights in the history of Midland – Penetang District High School cadet corps. Major W. C. Setterington, chief instructor, left, and Cadet Lieut. Col. John Hilliard, commanding officer, are hopeful of retaining the shield again this season. 

Midland merchants and other citizens are now well served with night deposit facilities at three local banks. Latest is the one installed at the Bank of Commerce, where manager Ed Christopherson, left, watches Clarke Edwards of Edwards Specialty Shop Ltd. try out the new night depository. 

Unamotus Hi-Y boys held a tea and bake sale in the Midland YMCA Saturday afternoon to raise funds for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Mrs. Gordon Moss, mother convener of the event, Dave Bertrand, Unamotus president, and V. G. Edwards, one of several businessmen who poured tea during the afternoon, are shown grouped around the tea table. 

Gift of Toronto industrialist Richard Haywood, this fire truck has been a boon to firefighters in the Wyevale area. It is seen above following a fire in the bush on the 8th Concession back of Dault’s Bay. The vehicle is a 1929 cab-less Graeme, it was Wyevale’s first fire truck. Firemen on the ground are Jack Adams, Howard Grier, Graeme Webb, on the truck from top to bottom Lorne (Bud) Caston, David (Ted) Caston and Rick Houghton. Although pleased with the truck, the Wyevale brigade is badly in need of more hose to be able to work more efficiently, officials said. This Free Press photo also appeared in the second “Huronia Agenda 2002” published by a local group of six historical organizations. 

North Simcoe Women’s Institutes re-elected their entire slate of officers at the annual meeting in North River United Church May 22. In the front row, left to right, are secretary-treasurer Mrs. M. C. Long of Waubaushene, third vice-president Mrs. Ernest Ayers of Jarratt, first vice-president Mrs. Beverley Walker of Eady; back row: second vice president Mrs. Ed Sallows of Warminster, area chairman Mrs. G. R. Lane of Coldwater and president Mrs. Lloyd Dunlop of Moonstone. 

  • The Free Press Herald headline of May 28, 1958; Major Streets Program Receives Provincial O.K. The 1958 program for the town will see $15,000.00 in new construction and $40,000.00 in maintenance under the regular bylaw and $38,206.00 under the supplementary bylaw spent on town roads. The province pays fifty percent of the expenditures. (The work was mostly gravelling and oiling)
  • The County Herald headline of May 30, 1956; Huffed, CAS Board Quits, Query Legality of Move. Following a heated meeting in Barrie Tuesday night, the board decided to dissolve itself. President James Wright of Collingwood and managing director Dortha Jackson were left to administer the work of the society. The situation blew up after three years’ tilting between the CAS and Simcoe County council, which has been financing statutory maintenance, protection and other services of the society.
  • Commending the work of the Salvation. Army in Midland, Mayor Charles Parker yesterday told how Sally Ann workers fed members of Midland fire department during the bushfire at Sunnyside earlier this week. The mayor said Salvation Army personnel attend almost every major fire in town to see if they can be of assistance. He also mentioned how Envoy Thompson had helped collect and fit clothing for 19 needy children. ” If they ever left Midland, we would certainly miss them. They spend about $10,000 a year on welfare in town and collect about $3,500 in their fund drive,” he said. The mayor pointed out that 25 canvassers are urgently needed to assist with the Red Shield Appeal.
  • Paul Kirkup, Go Home Bay school teacher whose home is in Wyebridge, was rescued from the waters of Georgian Bay Sunday morning, shortly after he had become too exhausted to struggle further toward land. Returning from a fishing trip at the Musquash, Richard Matthews, and Jack Amos, with their two sons, were passing Beausoleil Island ready to cross the gap into Penetang Bay when they noticed an object in the water some distance away. Watching it for a moment they came to the conclusion it was a swimming animal, probably deer, or elk, and turned to investigate. What they found was the bow of an outboard boat sticking out of the water, the stern held down by the weight of an outboard motor. Air trapped under the bow deck was holding the craft up. Believing someone must be in the water nearby, they circled for some time, unable to sight anything on the rough surface. They were about to give up when a splash some distance away attracted attention, cruising in the direction they found Kirkup, totally exhausted, held up by a life jacket and auto inner tube, but unable to keep his face out of the water.
  • Ten Years Ago This Week 1948 – J. W. McPhee of Midland, (Cons); Lionel Dion of Penetang, (CCF); and W. L. Moore, Orillia (Lib), were the party standard-bearers chosen to contest the 1948 Ontario provincial elections. Dr. McPhee was the sitting member. * * *  Contract was awarded for the erection or the new Bausch and Lomb lens plant on Midland’s Lindsay street. * * *  Orillia and Midland councils state that Simcoe County’s bonded surplus or $176,000 be “refunded to county municipalities immediately”. * * *  Victoria Harbour taxpayers also got some bad news in the form of an 8-mill jump to 40 mills.  * * *  Average cost of feeding the 606-male and 33-female prisoners sent to Barrie jail for varying periods in 1947 was 21 cents per day or seven cents per meal. * * * Some of the advertised food prices of the day were: bread 11 cents. (24 oz. loaf); coffee 51 cents per lb.; soap flakes 31 cents (large pkg); prime rib roast 43 cents per lb.; round steaks, 53 cents per lb.; imported cabbage, 7 cents * * * Parking meters were set up for the first time on Midland’s King Street. * * *  $15,0000 was to be spent on repairs and improvements to the two Navy League camps on Minnicog and Beausoleil Islands. They have since been abandoned. * * *  There were over 600 persons on the staff of Midland Shipyards Ltd., the best ever in peacetime operations. The yard had just received a contract for a new freighter capable of carrying 570,000 bushels. * * * H. A. Humphries, manager of the National Employment Service branch in Midland, reported “virtually no unemployment in the area, except among elderly persons”.  * * * Bob Stanway, former vocalist in the RCN Show, was the special attraction at Dardanella dance pavilion, Wasaga Beach.
  • A revolutionary system designed to improve the drop-out situation at Midland-Penetang District High School may go into effect next fall. At a recent meeting of the MPDHS board, principal L. M. Johnston said that pending approval of the provincial superintendent of secondary education, three new classes would be created. Two of the classes will be conditional Grade 10’s.” They will be open to borderline pass students from Grade 9 who might drop out of school if faced with repeating Grade 9 and students in the same category from Grade 10. If the students prove themselves by the end of the first two months of the school year, they may transfer to a regular class. Otherwise, they will proceed through the year at their own pace and enter the regular class the following year with a good grounding. The other class will be an industrial Grade 10 class for 16 year-olds who would otherwise be leaving school to work. Regular Grade 10 subjects will be timetabled for the morning, and students will work at local industries each afternoon. “Neither Commercial 10 nor Industrial 10 would be a terminal course,” said the principal.
  • One of Midland’s newest businesses, the Chalet Blue Restaurant, opened its doors on the Victoria Day weekend. Located next to the Chalet Blue Motel on Yonge Street, the restaurant is owned by Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Howell. The couple also owns the Totem Pole Restaurant in Penetang, which they have operated for the past five years. The Chalet Bleu is actually their third restaurant. They had an ice cream bar on Robert Street in Penetang before completely remodeling the building the Totem Pole now occupies.

A couple of older items;

Last week we posted a 1958 photo of Foster Hewitt, his wife, and father taken during a visit to Midland. According to the 1937 article below it was not his first visit here.

Going back 100 years to 1918.

Robert St

The first section of this paper is missing. Interesting to see the ads and the price of building lots. Click on link to open.

The Midland Free Press_1918-08-22



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