Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – June 15th to 21st, 1961

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County Herald headline of Friday June 16, 1961. 

For the second time since last November, Simcoe County council has agreed to take over payment of the $111,557 in debentures still owing by the town of Midland on behalf of St. Andrews Hospital. At its November session, county council gave two readings to the bylaw, which then failed to obtain the approval of the Ontario Municipal Board. The board pointed out there was no authority under the Municipal Act for such a grant.  Again on Tuesday, council passed new bylaw providing for the payment of the $111,577 in 10 equal  installments,  without interest, beginning June 30 of this year. Once again there is the rider “that this bylaw shall not come into force and effect until approved by the Ontario Municipal Board. 

    Present plans call for an increased enrolment at Midland-Penetang District High School of more than 100 students in the fall, the MPDHS board heard at its June meeting Wednesday night. Present enrolment is 852 and already 955 have enrolled to start classes in the fall Principal R. C. Gauthier stated. This figure will be increased before the fall term starts, Mr. Gauthier added. At present 33 classes are anticipated in the fall and this figure is made up as follows: Grade 9, 10 classes; Grade 10, 8 classes; Grade 11, 6 classes; Grade 12 general course, 4 classes; Grade 12 special commercial 2 classes and Grade 13, 3 classes. 

    Penetang council, Monday night, vetoed a resolution which would have made left turns illegal at the intersection of Main and Robert Streets. Mayor Jerome Gignac commented, “I think the best solution for that intersection is to buy a pair of white gloves. The police should be out there directing traffic whenever things get plugged up.” 

   Midland Police Chief George Wainman has recommended that “the retail sale of all types of fireworks by merchants be prohibited except to an organized service club or organization for the purpose of a properly supervised fireworks display.” The chief’s recommendation  was contained in a letter addressed to police committee chairman Alderman Wm. Thompson, read at Monday  night’s meeting of Midland council.  Noting that for a week or more prior to the May 24th holiday, “the normal peace and quiet of our community is disturbed by the setting off of firecrackers and other types of fireworks.” Chief Wainman added that his department has issued many warnings and seized quantities of fireworks without very much success in putting a stop to such activities. Chief Wainman’s letter continues: “Bylaw No. 1, section 30, passed March 14, 1879, prohibits the discharging of all types of fireworks within the corporation and bylaw No. 2301 passed March 17, 1956, amending section 30 of bylaw No. 1, prohibits the use of air guns, spring guns etc.” 

LAGRANDEUR — To Mr. and Mrs. Rene La Grandeur, 298 Princess Street, Midland, at St. Andrew’s Hospital, Friday June 9, 1961, a son.
NEALE – To Doctor and Mrs. W. F. Neale, 240 Yonge Street West, Midland, at St. Andrew’s Hospital, Wednesday June 14, 1961, a daughter.
ADAMSON — To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adamson, 109 Scott Street, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, June 9, 1961, a daughter.
ARCHER — To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Archer, R.R. 1, Phelpston, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Sunday, June 11, 1961, a son.
DIXER — To Mr. and Mrs. Engelbart Dixer, 250 Charles Street, Midland at St. Andrews Hospital, Wednesday, June 7, 1961, a daughter.
DESROCHES — To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desroches, R.R. 3, Penetang at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Friday, June 9, 1961, a daughter.
HEBNER — To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hebner, apartment 2-B, Queen’s Hotel, Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Friday, June, 9, 1961, a daughter.
CADEAU – To Mr. and Mrs. Wade Cadeau, 592 Gorham St.,,Newmarket, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Sunday, June 11, 1961, a son.
LESPERANCE — To Mr. and Mrs. Hilaire Lesperance, Perkinsfield at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Saturday, June 3, 1961, a daughter.
MOREAU — To Mr. and Mrs. Eldege Moreau, R.R. 2. Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Friday, June 9, 1961, a daughter.
ROBITAILLE — To Mr. and Mrs. Harold Robitaille, 27 Leonard Ave., Penetang, at Penetanguishene General Hospital, Wednesday, June 7, 1961, a daughter.
HARPELL — To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harpell, Parry Sound Ontario, on Friday, June 16, 1961, a daughter.
SUNDAY — To Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Sunday, Christian Island, at St. Andrews Hospital, Midland, Wednesday, June 21, 1961, a daughter.
THOMPSON — To Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Thompson, 360 William St., Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Tuesday, June 20, 1961, a son. (Baby died June,20th)
FLEMING — To Mr. and Mrs. George Fleming  (nee DiFrancesco),
at the Toronto Western Hospital, on Saturday, June 17, 1961, a daughter.
HILLER — To Mr. and Mrs. Eberhard Hiller, 299 Midland Ave., Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Monday, June 19, 1961, a son.
KING — To Mr. and Mrs. Abraham King, Christian Island, at St. Andrews Hospital, Midland, Friday, June 16, 1961, a daughter.
HAIG – To Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Haig, 345 King St., Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Thursday, June 22, 1961, a daughter.
DUPUIS — To Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dupuis, Port McNicoll, at St.  Andrews Hospital, Midland, Thursday, June 22, 1961, a son.
DALZIEL – To Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dalziel, 201 Midland Ave., Midland, at St. Andrews Hospital, Tuesday, June 20, 1961, a son.
DORION – To Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dorion, Victoria Harbour, at St. Andrews Hospital, Midland, Friday June 16, 1961, a son. 

Four cars at Bourgeois Motors, Midland, suffered a total of $2,000 damage when a large tree toppled on them during Tuesday’s wind storm. The tree also knocked down the garage sign. 

This new staircase, located at the northeast corner of the building, provides ready access to the newly-renovated second floor of the Walker Store in Midland. The alterations have added some 1,200 feet of new selling space for the store. 

Greatly expanded facilities for the children’s wear department have been provided for on the newly-renovated second floor of the Walker Store in Midland. Mrs. M. Newton, who has been with the store three years, is in charge of this department. 

Official opening of the renovated Simcoe county court house attracted a large crowd of dignitaries at Barrie Wednesday. Warden Montcalm Maurice (centre) is giving the ribbon-cutting scissors to Chief Justice J. C. McRuer (left) while Judge J. G. Harvie looks on. 

Free Press Herald headline of June 21, 1961. 

Members of the OPP detachment at Victoria Harbour resumed a search Tuesday for three persons who, it is feared, may possibly have drowned in Georgian Bay early Sunday morning. Search is also being made of some of the adjacent 30,000 Islands in case any or all of the young men concerned reached shore. It all started Sunday when Guy Hebner, Midland guide and boat operator, was taking a party out for a day’s fishing. Mr. Hebner said he saw a boat containing three young persons near the south end of Beausoleil Island, around 7:30 a.m. The other boat appeared to be heading for Penetang Bay. About half an hour later, Ray O’Rourke, 21, of Midland saw the same boat, this time capsized with only a few feet of the bow sticking out of the water. There was no sign of any occupants. Location of the boat was given as half a mile west of Brebeuf Light, on the north end of Beausoleil. Mr. O’Rourke towed the boat, a 12-foot moulded plywood model with 5hp motor, into Crescentwood Beach, across the bay from Beausoleil. It was later identified as being owned by Fred H. Daniels, 29 Lorraine Gardens, Toronto. Police were not notified of the incident until late Sunday. 

   A  special meeting of Midland council and the board of St. Andrews Hospital Monday night produced a half-mill gift for Midland taxpayers. At its last meeting, the board had decided to put a special grant of $7,800 received from government sources into a sinking fund for future expansion of the hospital, foreseen within “three to five years.” After an hour-long conference with council Monday night, the board agreed to give $4,104 of that sum to the town. This figure represents 60% of the interest ($6,840) the town will have to pay this year on debentures incurred on behalf of the hospital some years ago. Clerk W. A. Hack said the $4,104 represented very close to half a mill. 

   Cars will be cheaper throughout North Simcoe today as a result of an announcement made by Finance Minister Donald Fleming in his budget address in the House of Commons last night. Mr. Fleming said the 7 ½ percent excise tax on cars was removed, effective midnight last night. The tax amounts to about $140 on a S3,000 car. 

Grew Boats of Penetanguishene were putting a new launch through its paces on Penetang Bay. The craft was designed by Lloyd Butson of Grews. Initial tests showed it was capable of travelling at 40 mph while retaining a constant riding angle and creating virtually no wake. * * * At a meeting of service clubs, Women’s Institutes, firemen, legionnaires, board of trade members and fall fair society representatives, it was decided to petition Coldwater council to establish by bylaw a community centre council. The council was to consist of a representative of each group. * * * A heavy infestation of tent caterpillars was causing serious damage to trees in forest areas on Midland Point. Poplars and oaks in the area were stripped of their leaves, with sections’ of the woods taking on an October appearance. * ** Twenty-two of 32 municipalities in Simcoe County were faced with increased equalized assessment following council’s approval of the county assessor’s report at the June session. Equalized assessment of Penetang was up a quarter of a million dollars and that of Tiny Township $300,000. * * * Midland Rotary Club received its charter at a banquet in Parkside Inn. More than 250 guests, including Rotarians from Barrie, Orillia, Gravenhurst, Aurora, Leaside,  Brampton, Peterborough and Lindsay were present for the event. * * * The M.S. Midland City and the S.S. City of Dover had received the stamp of approval of the Department of Transport for a further season of operations on Georgian Bay. The Dover was running out of Midland and the Midland City was operating out of Penetang. * * * A third year student at Victoria College, University of Toronto, Robert A. Armstrong of Port McNicoll obtained first class honors in the mathematics and physics course and the H.S. Robertson Scholarship. His father, L. C. Armstrong, had been principal of Port McNicoll school for 25 years. 

County Herald headline of Friday, June 23, 1961. 

The climax of several budget meetings was reached by Midland council at a special meeting Wednesday night when the town’s commercial and residential mill rates for 1961 were set. The 1961 commercial rate is 82.5 mills, compared with 79 mills last year and this year’s residential rate is 72.9 mills as against 71.5 mills in I960. 

    At Wednesday night’s special meeting of Midland council, Reeve Percy Crawford tendered his written resignation as chairman of council’s finance committee. Following the reading of Mr. Crawford’s resignation, the other members of council unanimously voted in favour of not accepting it. The situation arose when Mr. Crawford said he understood that salaries and wages for municipal employees had been agreed to when a motion was introduced by Aldermen Wm. Thompson, vice-chairman of finance, and Walter Woods, suggesting slight increases for two or three employees. Mr. Crawford said the schedule had been agreed to and as a matter of principle he was opposing any further increases. He contended that the overall increases originally agreed to, amounted to approximately eight per cent. 

        A fall from the high end of a park teeter-totter resulted in a badly broken right arm for 10-year-old Danny Donaldson of Midland. The boy spent five days in St. Andrews Hospital under the care of doctor D. C. Swan and Dr. Peter Brasher. They referred him to Sick Children’s Hospital because the fracture also involved a piece of bone broken off at the elbow. After toppling from the board he managed to get to the entrance booth where the attendant hailed a motorist to take him to hospital. The oldest child of Captain and Mrs. Norman Donaldson, he will spend the summer in a cast. 

    Midland Salvation Army Corps Red Shield appeal has nearly reached its $5,000 objective for 1961, Lieut. Wm. Johnston, corps officer, said yesterday. Lieut. Johnston said $4,384.72 has been subscribed so far. The amount is an all-time high for Midland, and we appreciate the generosity of the Midland and district residents, he said. 

Dear Editor:
The single-screw wooden tug “Reliance” official No 97115 was built in 1892 for Collingwood Dry Dock Co. (Stephen D. Andrews) and registered there. Her length was 124 feet, breadth 23 feet and depth 11.6 feet: gross tons 310.72, registered 181.54. In 1900 she was sold to the Midland Towing and Wrecking Co., James Playfair, President. In 1906 her registry was transferred to the Port at Midland and in 1910 she was sold to Joseph Ganley of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and in 1911 her registry was transferred to Sault Ste. Marie.  On July 10, 1916 she was sold to the North Shore Contracting Co. Ltd. of Sault Ste. Marie, and on July 28 she was sold to the Superior Paper Co Limited, of Sault Ste. Marie. On May 5, 1930, she was sold to the Abitibi Power and Paper Co. Ltd., of Iroquois Falls, Ont. On June 17, 1930, her registry was transferred to Toronto. On June 14, 1945, she was sold to Roderick Alexander McLean of Sault Ste. Marie. Ont., and John McLean of Sault Ste. Marie, joint owners. On March 28, 1947, she was sold to Donald Allan Clark, Port Arthur. Ont. Her closing entry reads as follows: “May 23rd, 1949, Registry closed. Vessel completely dismantled. Advice received from owner.

Below are a couple of pastes we missed from previous weeks.

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