Day One

Main Movie theatre.jpgWith about 70 days to go until the Port McNicoll 100th Anniversary Celebrations, I thought I would attempt to post a historical photo every day untill the event. I encourage others to do the same.
This is Main (Talbot) Street c. 1915 as the elevator doesn’t yet have the third leg, which was added in 1920. In the right hand corner of the photo is The Club. Does anyone know what this was? This building also housed the Globe movie Theatre. Scott Garret noted in 2015 that this building also housed the  Lookout Dance Hall, the sign is partially visible on the right hand side of the photo. Across the street is Belanger’s General Store. Further down the street on the same side is Bourie’s Hardware.
Smoke can be seen billowing from the stack of 1 of the CPR ships to the left of the coal pile. The construction of the first stage of the elevator is complete, but the photo shows Maple Island, the island that the elevator is built upon, has not been completely altered by fill and the dock is not yet complete
The handwriting in the lower right hand corner is likely that of J.W Bald.
Photo courtesy of the Huronia Museum
*** I am by no means an expert and would appreciate any corrections of knowledge you can share about this photo and those to follow.



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